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Apr 8, 2010

Online sites and apps to help plan your trip

The Geek's Travel Guide: 25 Online Apps to Help Plan Your Trip
This guide includes some great information with some useful sites and apps that make traveling more fun and informed. Sites such as GasBuddy, Traffic and Google Maps are those that I use quite often myself. GasBuddy gives you a great overview of gas stations that are nearby and might have the lowest prices or at least closest to your location. I used to use to check out traffic flow before starting driving. Though I forgot to do so quite often. Recently I started using Google Maps instead, which overlays current traffic conditions over the driving directions you are currently viewing. And if I really want to make sure the conditions are good to go, I compare Google traffic with Maybe too much, though they are quite often different from each other. Hmmm
I will be also checking out Ask City mapping site as I did not know it existed, actually I didn’t realize Ask was still around.
What are some of the apps and sites do you use on regular basis to plan out your trip?

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