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Oct 11, 2011

Travel Bottle Kit - TSA approved, ready to go

Travel Bottle Kit is a great travel gadget for packing and organizing and, most importantly these days, abiding by the TSA rules. (TSA regulations) It is also great for health and for the environment since these are made from food grade material and resuable again and again.
A kit consists of leak-proof and break-resistant travel bottles that can be filled with shampoo, lotion, body wash, vitamins, and other travel essentials. In the eBags 3-1-1 Nalgene Travel Bottle Kit, the bottles also have different color tops for easy identification and they come in different sizes as well, ranging from 2oz down to 0.5oz. These bottles easily fit into a 1-quart zip-top bag.
Travel kits help reduce the amount of space in your suitcase when packing up various personal and hygiene products Since you can take only so much with you on the trip, its a great idea to not drag a full size shampoo bottle or lotion with you. Most bottles can provide sufficient volume to hold enough shampoo/conditioner/shower gel for a week trip. This way can pack more of other essentials and pack less in your suitcases. Or, as we have done on our trip, not take suitcase along at all, by packing everything tightly in small containers and Space Bags. Save on airline fees and your health.

Why good to have on a trip:
- easy to pack and carry
- portable and convenient
- leak-proof and break-resistant
- get past security without a problem

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