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Nov 26, 2018

Top Travel Gifts I Gave To My Travel Companion, My Wife

Top Travel Gifts I Gave To My Travel Partner, My Wife

Either as a gift on its own or in addition to a gift, I have given my wife one travel gift for a birthday or during holidays every year for several years in a row.
Most of these she didn't know she needed until she had them.
Shhhh, don't tell her, but she is getting more cool travel gifts this year also.

This holiday as part of the gifts, I gave my wife a small travel jewelry organizing case.
On our last trip she had some jewelry with her and did not take the larger travel jewelry roll bag as it "took more space than was necessary for the amount of jewelry." She ended up digging around one of the carry-on bags to find a missing earring. So to elevate this travel issue, I looked for and found a tiny case that fully zips and has easy accessible compartments inside.

Infinity Scarf w/ Secret Hidden Zipper Pocket
This is a light scarf that can be worn many different ways. It can be worn in a traditional loop, double loop, or even as a hood or head covering. It also has a pocket where you can store various small objects such as IDs, passport, or if sitting down or wrapped just right, a phone.

Passport Cover
Originally, I wanted to get a passport holder for several of our passports. During the search for a nice useful and cool holder, I came across this one on Etsy that looked great. It had a world map on it, which we love, and a travel quote over it. It was so nice I didn't even realize it only fit one passport. I still gave it to her as it can be used not only passports.

Passports and Tickets Holder
As mentioned, I did want to get a new passport and documents holder to replace our old and overused one that didn't have a good closure. Any larger documents and tickets placed in it would peak out and fall out. Hence, I got the Zoppen RFID Travel Wallet and Documents Organizer.
It has pockets for multiple passports plus compartments for cards, pens, and other small travel accessories. It also has a zipper that goes all the way around to keep everything inside. Moreover, it also has RFID protection, which is great considering all of our passports have been updated to the ones with chip and that will keep the information on them safe.
As you might have seen, my wife is responsible for packing and bookings. I just pack my own stuff and in charge of the gadgets.
RFID Travel Documents Organizer

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Phone Charger (Anker)
We travel. Of course. And number one gadget that is with us, as with many travelers these days, is a smartphone. The older the phone gets, the shorter the time the battery holds the charge. And with the usage that my wife has, the battery lasts even less. While we had some early and basic battery chargers, they were mostly gimmicky and provided a very little charge. That is why I got her the Anker Astro E1 Ultra Compact Portable Charger. At the time when we got it, it had a capacity of 5000mAh, which lasted through 2 phone charges, with some reserve left over. Now it has been updated to 6700mAh which should give you even more juice for your phone and other travel gadgets.

Lightning to USB Cable for Phone Charger
A keychain that has a Lightning and USB plugs on its ends. The plugs are surrounded by tassels to cover them up. A great accessory to place on a bag and always have
a charging cable with you.

DSLR travel tripod (light and folds small, but can be extended big)
Manfrotto Tripod is one of the most compact and lightest I found. It is small folded up and can fit into a standard backpack. And, unbelievably, it expands to a full-size tripod that is 5 feet high. It weighs only 2.56 lbs. While most of the time we have taken it along on short trips, we recently took it on our trip to Aruba for some sunset photography that would not have happened without it.

Kindle Paperwhite
My wife is a fast reader. I have yet to meet someone who can finish a book as fast as she does. She reads mostly fiction that is based on history and about different regions of the world. If we had to store all of the physical books she read, we would need to open our own library. Instead, she was one of the earliest adopters of Kindle e-readers. She had the original Kindle the came out. It went through a lot of reading and travel, and it was time for an upgrade. With Kindle Paperwhite, she can travel light and take several books along with her at once without additional weight. Since Paperwhite has a built-in reading light and non-reflective background, it can be read in even low light and in the sun without any issues. Using Wi-Fi within the Kindle, she can purchase additional books or borrow them from the library right within the device. This way she can keep on reading...

Owl Chevron Stripe Mini Cell Phone Wristlet Wallet with ID Pocket
This one was to replace an old and well worn out wristlet. The request was that the travel wallet had an ID pocket, was able to fit bills and cards easily, was light, and possible fit in a phone if needed. This particular fit the bill and it is colorful so not as easy to leave behind. It is fully zipped so things won't fall out and gives access to all of the things inside.

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