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Offbeat Travel Gadgets

Light Up USB Charging Cable

This an interesting and cool looking gadget for charging your devices. LED lighting charging cable provides a vibrant and glowing charging experience.

That is if you are not flying in the evening or on the overnight flight with the cabin lights dimmed.Then these glowing charging wireles become a huge annoyance

As was posted on Reddit by one of the travelers, the glowing cable was on most of the flight and was quite distracting in the dimmed cabin

This woman’s charger in my row during a 6+ hour red eye flight
byu/tsitsifly22 inmildlyinfuriating

Statik GloBright Braided LED Charging Cable

Born to Fly Baby

Baby Stroller Carry On

Offbeat does not describe this one well enough. I think it is "off their rockers." As a traveler and a parent, this one "carry-on" bag seems like a terrible idea. And here are just a few reasons why:
» There is barely any room to pack anything else into a bag. Which means you will have more stuff in another bag or an extra bag. Both of these would cause extra fees at the airport
» If you ever traveled with an infant, you know that is way too little stuff that is getting packed in there
» And if you have had an infant, very good chance they are no longer an infant. That stage goes by very quickly. Then what are you going to this with this $400 suitcase?
» It has a maximum weight specification of 17 kgs or 37 pounds. I have a toddler that is around 31 pounds. She will not fit into that seat, most toddlers would not, their feet and head would be sticking out. So it goes back to only being used for an infant (see above)
» The wheels on the suitcase are not multi-directional. With a lot of the carry-ons now finally switching to spinner type wheels, it does not make sense to settle for one that does not, especially, at
» This price $380

A double-decked gadget for airplane seats. The idea is to let two people share one armrest at the same time. While that is a nice concept and it does try to solve a common issue for travelers, the contraption from the looks of it will not fly. It is bulky and sticks out quite a bit from the original armrest. Also, it looks like it might collapse at any moment and squish the hand that is underneath.

Travel Bathrooms

Urilift, A Self-Cleaning, Pop Up Urinal For Weeing In Public (On the Weekend)

Go On The Side Of A 4X4’s Tire
A literal portable potty so you feel like you are going to the bathroom instead of just squatting in the middle on nowhere.

Portable Pizza Pouch
To secure your gadgets and accessories while traveling and near water, it is a good idea to place these withing a waterproof pouch. And if you want to make sure that your pizza is with you and is in good condition, there is the Portable Pizza Pouch. It designed in the shape of one pizza slice and hangs on your neck for ultimate snack portability, leaving your hands free for holding drinks and other tasks

Bed in your trunk
Sleep is good. Sleeping outdoors is great. I like both, but I don't like all the bugs and other adventures that come with pitching a tent outside. Mobile Cushion Air Bed lets you easily convert your SUV into a sleeping tent. Great for a quick nap during a pit stop, or setting up a campsite. The difference between this one and other inflatable mattresses is it is made to fit properly within the back of your SUV. Also, it is good for temperature from -13 to 140℉ degrees inside the car. Making it great for use for travel in various seasons.

Anti-smelly wearable device technology
This device has been recently patented by Google. It is supposed to prevent a person's possible offensive order from emanating. You put it on clothing to help improve odors coming from the person wearing the tech. I can see how this might be of use when working out or otherwise involved in activities that produce sweat and therefore odors, and while in the middle of it, you do not have a chance to freshen up. Though I would really hope that a wearable device would not replace proper hygiene. This is just in concept stages, yet to be produced. There are already T-shirts and other garments available that claim to reduce or eliminate olfactory unacceptable odors. So the market is there for this type of tech

Mark Murphy Talks Travel Gadgets on FBN

Belt Turns Into A Scooter
Scooters are all the rage these days for kids and adults. They make for easier and quicker transportation over short distances. But what do you do with it once you get there? You now can wrap around you like a belt to hold up your pants as well. Though based on the picture below, it does not seem that comfortable for wearing, though hopefully, it is better at scooting.

What do nudists bring on vacations?

Gadgets :)

The Cool Breeze Fanbrella
[Image Courtesy of Sify]

The Fanbrella is perfect for those hot muggy days when the sun beating down on you is not the only thing making you hot. The high humidity makes it that much hotter. The umbrella will keep protecting from sun rays and the built-in fan will keep you cooler under it. It could also come in handy if it rains but it’s still hot and humid.

Must-have Baby Gadget ???
Awesome Must-Have Baby Gadgets
I'll be honest, we were actually considering getting blooming baby bath. That is until we actually started researching and buying things for our new addition. It definitely did not make the cut.
Glowing onesies, pacifier with a mustache, co-sleeper that just hangs in the air, Mommysentials' The BabyKeeper Basic, and Cocoon Pillow are not must-have gadgets for taking care of the baby. Some of these are just unnecessary or just plainly cannot be good for the kid. Though the 4mom gadgets, 4Moms MamaRoo Bouncer and 4moms Origami Power-Folding Stroller, are pretty nice innovations on existing baby carriers.

Scarf with phone holder - Peepsnake iPhone Scarf

A microfleece fabric soft scarf that looks and feels like a regular one. Though Peepsnake iPhone Scarf also comes with a zipper pocket and pocket that fits either an iPhone or Android phone. The pocket is see-through and made from plastic film that is designed specifically to hold touchscreen devices. You can control the touchscreen operations on the smartphone while it is still within the pocket.
The pocket on the scarf gives quick and easy access to your phone in chilly weather. It can also hold other gadgets and accessories securely.

Tent in your Shoes
Is that a tent in your shoes, or did you get caught in the fishing net? From functionality and overall structure of the shoes, I think the designer was going more for the Mercury's shoes, though these look more like something hitched a ride on your tennis shoes. However, there is a whole tent that is hidden with the sneakers. If you get caught in the storm or lost in the wilderness, you will have a hideout readily available.

The suitcase that will transport you

Bags are great for transporting your belongings on travel, though this suitcase can do that and more. Micro Luggage Suitcase combines a wheeled suitcase with a micro scooter. When folded it looks like conventional wheeled luggage. With the handle extended and wheels on the ground, it is a you-powered scooter, that lets you roll through airports and to your destinations with ease.

World's strangest natural wonders

Do you walk and text? And drink coffee/tea?:

This gadget is for you. No more having to hold your gadget and your cup in two hands. That's too much juggling. Now there is convenient UpperCup. This gadget holds your iPhone and your cup at the same time. Just clip your phone into the holder, press a button, and slip your cup into the cup holder. Now you are free to text away while walking and not pay attention to trees, cars, and so on.

In a related story: Texting Woman Falls Into Icy Canal

Why drink when you can rock out:

Scosche BoomBottle fits nicely into your bicycle water bottle holder. It syncs via Bluetooth with your smartphone to play your beats out loud while you are on the trail so that your biking buddies can enjoy the tunes too. Though doubt you will get very far unless you find another way to transport some H2O. A Camelbak Hydration Pack might be a good idea if you do have the BoomBottle with you. Remember, it is important to keep yourself hydrated with at least 8 cups of water per day. More if you are exercising.

Boeing Improves In-Flight Wireless With The Help Of Potatoes 
- next time you're surfing the Internet above 10,000 feet,
thank a potato for the great wireless services wherever you sit on the plane.

Socks that are smart:

You just did your laundry and you have all these single socks in front of you. How do you get them together? With the newest technology. These smart socks have a sock sorter that uses RFID technology to scan your socks and match them up into pairs. And there is an iPhone app that goes along with it. Your iPhone would beep when the right sock is found. You will also be able to find out if it is a right or a left sock you are holding and you will know how often they have been washed. Smarter Socks

Shoes with GPS built-in:

The shoes are code names No Place Like Home. And yes they pay homage to Wizard of Oz since to activate the navigation system you click the heels together and the LED lights on the toe of each shoe will guide the way like a yellow brick road. Though the lights are red. There is a built-in GPS USB in the back that has your route stored and transfers the directions to the front of the shoe.

A glove that is also a phone:

Excuse Me, My Hand Is Ringing

Charge up and charge off:

When pepper spray is just not enough, 650-Volt Stun Gun should do it. Below we have the Pepper Spray iPhone Case, and now there is a case for your phone that comes with a charge, the Yellow Jacket. This new iPhone case protects your phone and is also able to charge it. It is a great multi-tool when traveling as it will keep the phone and you safe. Yellow Jacket iPhone 4 Stun Gun Case

Eat my dust, and I will watch you do it:

Rearview Camera for Bicycles

Edible Gadgets:

Love gadgets and chocolate?
Now you can have both at the same time and eat them too.
Edible Gadgets

Pepper Spray iPhone Case:

There are quite a few versions of cases for the popular smartphone. And just when you thought there could not be anymore, a Swiss company has come up with one more variation. This one comes with a pepper spray built into it. As per the company's website: "With the Smart Guard iPhone Case, you have your own personal protection attached to your phone wherever you go. You no longer have to remember to pack the pepper spray and no need for extra space in your pocket."
It has a safety mechanism so you won’t blind yourself while making a call. Which is, of course, good in most situations.

TwistStick Corkscrew Keychain:

 You always have your keys around (at least hopefully) and now you can also have a gadget with you to get a bottle of wine open whenever your heart desires. TwistStick is the smallest fully working corkscrew that is compact and durable. It can be attached to your key-ring or hooked to your bag.

The Pillow Tie:
It looks and ties like a traditional tie. Maybe even looks like one, from afar. It is made out of microfiber/silk blend, does not wrinkle easily, has a removable vinyl tube which is used to inflate it with a few puffs.
The great tag line on the site: "Because most functions that require a necktie...deserve to be slept through"
How a Pillow Tie Works

Self-Stirring Mug:

It is a 12-ounce double-walled stainless steel mug with polypropylene inner liner. It comes with a splash-proof cover for easier transport and to keep the beverage warm. With a touch of a button on the handle, the mug will stir and mix your beverage. Eliminates the need to dispose of stirrers or having dirty spoons. Making it also a green product.
Hand washes only. Requires two AA batteries, not included. 4½" x 3½".

Metal Detecting Sandals:

These beach sandals have a built-in metal detector, allowing you to comb the beach for buried treasure at your leisure, without all the traditional bulky gear. They can find buried treasure up to 2 feet below the surface. Step on a metallic object and the leg-mounted control console vibrates or emits sounds.
The sandals are not great at picking up smaller objects, such as coins and paper clips, though are decent for larger treasures. They are powered by a single 9V battery, which will last for up to 6 hours

7 Ways to Use an Umbrella Hands-Free

Travel T-shirts:

Wi-Fi Network Detector T-shirt - This shirt shows you and all people around you where the closest Wi-Fi hot spot is located. It has a built Wi-Fi detector and its animated image displays the current signal and its strength. The more bars appear on your shirt, the better the signal. It has has a battery pack concealed in a small pocket sewn in the shirt. The shirt itself is 100% cotton and the animated decal is removable for easy washing.

Traveler's Phrasebook T-Shirt - Traveling internationally? This shirt has pictures of international signs that are recognized across the globe. It makes it easy to communicate your basic needs quickly and efficiently without looking up a translation. All you have to do is point it to whatever it is you're looking for and most folks would be able to help you out.

Bone Bike Horn, iPhone 4 Amplifier:
Created by a Thai company Bone Collection, the Bone Bike Horn is an eco-friendly silicone accessory that boosts your iPhone's natural volume level  by 13 decibels without any electricity. It also holds the iPhone securely on the handlebars of your bike. Horn Bike comes with a strap and fits all bicycles, it is shock and scratch proof.

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