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Ring Car Cam

Amazon recently came out with quite a few new gadgets. A few of these gadgets were for the car. One of them is the dashcam that has Alex integrated within it. It has two cameras for recording in front of the car and one facing inside. Unlike other car alarms, it not only makes noise when something happens but also notifies you on your phone right away.


This newest gadget category is likely to get me to put on a watch again. I used to wear my Fossil wrist watch all the time. It was a useful and great looking fashionable accessory. However, it was heavy, the crown stick out too much and was cutting into my skin, and ones I had a smartphone, not as necessary. The newest smartphone watches hitting the market look much better and more sophisticated than the previous version. They look less like the calculator watches of the nineties and more like the dress watches with steel faces and bracelets.
I am yet to take the leap to own one. The Apple Watch is way too expensive. I like Pebble Time and the fact that it is waterproof, compatible with iOS, and has great battery life. Though the look and features are not at the same level as pricier options. Google or Samsung are both out since I have an iPhone.
I'll be honest, as much as I love gadgets, I am not a first-adopter type. I like to consider and weigh options and see what develops. And with tech moving as fast as it is, that high priced Apple Watch would be devalued in a few months with Apple Watch 2 coming out. And if I shell out for a nice timepiece, I would like for it to keep its value for a bit.

Update: I have the Apple Watch - it is My Newest Travel Gadget

Wireless earbuds that can also translate languages
I can across this technology and earbuds on one of the crowdfunding sites. It is a great concept where earphones can do a lot more than just play music. Together with an app on a smartphone, they are able to provide almost instant translation in many languages. You can choose either a conversation mode when you are speaking directly with another person or a listening mode when you want to have what you hear translated for you. It is a great tool when traveling to different countries with languages that you might not know and looking to learn.

I got the Apple AirPods Pro. I did initially get a different pair of earphones. These promised almost instant translation when you have them and the app on. However, the connectivity was horrible. I could never get both of the earpieces to work at the same time. And when they did work, the sound quality was bad. 
Airpods connect a lot easier. You can use them on multiple devices and switch between them. Moreover, there is now a native translation app available that can be used and also Google Translate gives you an option to translate multiple languages in real-time. 

goTenna or similar communication device
While we always take our smartphones with us, they do not work in every part of our travels and are too expensive on most international travel. We have considered walkie talkies, which are the older but still useful gadgets. The two we got from in-laws work well, though they are quite heavy. I will be looking to see if can find a lighter version at a relatively low price.
GoTenna is also something I have looked at for our communication needs. It lets you use your phone to message and locate a person with another goTenna. Allowing for 2-way communications in areas where there is no Wi-Fi nor cellular service. However, there are quite a few limitations in terms of where you can use and the range that the service will be accessible. Hence it is still in the consideration stage.

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