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Nov 13, 2013

Travel Bags for Photographers on the Move

Camera Bags that Travel Well

Traveling anywhere with sights to see? You most likely are packing a camera. And if you would like to take pictures that are better than ordinary, like professional, than you are also packing a DSLR. We have the Canon Digital Rebel XSi. To fit this type of camera plus all of the other gadgets, travel backpack needs to be high capacity with multiple pockets and easy access.
It is a good thing that there are more and more bags coming out that have these features plus take into consideration going through security points at airports.
Think Tank Photo has an Airport™ series of travel specific camera backpacks designed to make maneuvering through airports a quick endeavor. The three backpacks – the Airport Accelerator, Airport Commuter and Airport Essentials – all have quick access pockets for both laptops and iPad, a top pocket for boarding passes and three sturdy handles to ensure easy placement and retrieval from overhead bins.
A great travel camera bag is also inconspicuous. For that purpose and many more that I wrote about in other posts (15 Essentials to have with you when travelingDeliberations of a Traveling Photographer (aka my wife) & What women want - travel edition) my bag of choice is the Lowerpro. It fits the camera in and looks and can function as a regular shoulder bag. As my wife also pointed out this bag is also unisex. It can be carried by women or men with no complaints from either side. It is light, has comfortable straps, great looking yet rugged exterior. The pockets are deep and varied to fit multitude of gadgets as well as other supplies.
Most recently we used this bag on a gig shooting a baby shower. There are pictures from this shoot plus many more on Svetik Photography page. It was great for a commute into the city. There was no way to tell what was in side the bag. And the camera remained snugly inside during the trip. We also packed in all of the accessories, paperwork, and other things in there.


Why good to have on a trip:
- Easy to carry
- Lighter than most backpacks
- Conveniently fits in camera plus accessories
- Multiple pockets
- Inconspicuous

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What is your bag of choice when on the road? Why? Let us know below

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Sep 19, 2012

What women want - travel edition

While most common tech gadgets make travel more comfortable for everyone, and can be utilized by both sexes, some of the following gadgets can come in very handy for the female traveler:

Travelon Jewelry Roll
- travel organizer great for storing your jewelry
- made out of nylon and contain 6 various size compartments
- fits easily in handbag, briefcase, or carry-on luggage
- zips up for secure storage

Flat Iron Clothes
You might already have your flat iron packed for your next trip. It is a gadget that helps your hair and you look your best away from home. Though did you know that it can also make your cloth look great? Flat iron can quickly press minor wrinkles that are hard to get around with a regular iron. It can be used to straighten all those little folds from your cloth on vacation or business trip.

Jawbone Up
- from the maker of cool portable wireless speakers, Jambox, this latest gadget goes on your wrist.
- monitors your steps, distance, calories burned, pace, intensity level, active vs inactive time, GPS routes and more
- moreover, it can track your sleep patern and act as an alarm clock waking you up by vibrates on your wrist and slowly getting you our of sleep mode
- syncs up easily with an iPhone through its own app
- and many other features

Travel folding light up mirror
- great for taking a look to get yourself freshened up from day of traveling
- can also be used as a flashlight with 8 super bright LED lights
- compact

Travel Manicure Set
- all you need on a trip in one small well packed package

Case for iPhone 4/4S with built-in storage
- This case not only protects your iPhone it also can store your cards, cash, and more. No need to drag around a bag when you are out. Everything fits into one place. The case also has a kickstand for watching videos, and an enclosed mirror.

Go Girl!
 - Men have it easy. Can get up, unzip, and go. We do not have to think too much about the condition of a toilet, we don't even have to be within close proximity of it. This was most likely the inspiration for the Go Girl. Interesting title, even more interesting travel gadget. It's a female urination device that allows you to pee while standing up.  This device is supposed to help women avoid dirty public restrooms. Making great for travel as you will never know where you will need to go. Go Girl
And for number two type of adventure in the bathroom, there is You Go Girl, which mask odors, dampen sounds and eliminate splash. This travel accessory is biodegradable, safe to flush, and small. Each packet fits in your purse, day bag or pocket, so you can feel confident taking care of business away from home.

USB-Powered Eyelash Curler
- simple to use, just plug it into an available USB slot
- made of a silicon pad that heats up to a safe and comfortable temperature for effective curling top lashes
- there is a battery operated version also. While USB powered would work for those traveling with laptops, battery powered can go anywhere at any time, as long as you bring along rechargeable batteries.

To carry it on - Bella Taylor Chartreuse Quilted Cotton Gadget Pouch

Safe Travel Accessories:

- Lowepro shoulder bag. We love it since the first time with took on a trip with us. It is universal. You can put your camera, other electronics, water bottle and snacks. It has several compartments including easy access side pockets and large middle section. It is versatile. It can be carried in multiple ways. Your guy might not even wiggle around when asked to hold the bag. And he might even end up carrying the entire time.

- Get drinkable water no matter which side of the equator you are on
- Together with the Can I Drink the Water? app, keep travel safe
- light, small, easy to use

LED Waterproof Mini Torch Flashlight
- When traveling, you often do not finish your day when the sun goes does. You also don't always know where you going to end up and if it will well lit. This small travel gadget would help you light the way. Mini flashlight fits on your keychain and weighs less 0.8 ounces. Though it has 50,000 hours lifespan due to low emitting LED light.
For a flashlight that also packs a punch there is the Self Defense Shocklight Stun Gun Flashlight.

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