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Jul 25, 2012

Best Gadgets for Watching Movies While Traveling

Favorite gadgets for kicking back while en-route:

Convenient small and most have a great display. These are also the gadgets that are usually already accompanying you on the trip. You are able to download movies and shows directly or on some devices use external storage such as SD card to store the data. And if you are on a flight or location that also offers wi-fi connectivity, you can stream them or load them on the spot.

Tablet/iPad -
The screen size, resolution and crisp clarity makes watching movies on tablets a great experience. While phones are nice, the screen is way too small to enjoy the entertainment for an extended time or as full-featured.
As most of these cool devices come with large storage, loading up several movies at once prevents fumbling around for discs and save space in a bag.
If you did not get a chance to download some entertainment for the road, there are also kiosks at airports where you can rent or buy movies on a computer flash drive. No need for a TV signal, a disk, or a movie-streaming Internet connection.

Cinema Seat for iPad is a great gadget for just this purpose, watching movies while riding in the car. It goes on the back of the seat and becomes an entertainment unit for the passengers.

iPod touch -
Do not discount these music gadgets. iPod can also play movies or shows loaded up on its hard drive. The new generations have great displays and they are significantly cheaper than smartphones. They are even better for travel, especially with kids. There are no cellular charges to worry about or that it might get damaged and lose a lot of the data usually stored on a phone.

Kindle Fire -
A smaller version of most tablets, Fire by Amazon, is great for reading books as well as watching movies. Unlike its brethren, previous versions, that have e-ink, these e-readers come with color display that is ready for website and movie viewing. Once the movies are downloaded and installed you don't need to be connected to enjoy.

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You can watch movies here too, though unless you already have to bring one with you these could be quite cumbersome and take up too much space while traveling. There are, however, some light versions available and they have a nice large hard drive where you can store your multimedia files. Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is only 3 pounds and can be converted and used as a tablet also.

Portable DVD player
Much easier to travel with than a notebook. They are also much smaller in size. That is one of the reasons that it would be rare that you would be asked to remove a portable gadget during airport screenings.
The immersion that DVD player provides will also help in drowning out the five screaming babies sitting in the rows in front and back of you. See noise-canceling headphones below :)

Portable Video Players -
Similar to DVD player portable video/audio technologies, with devices expected to be available in the second half of this year. In essence, a portable video/audio player allows you to record video from a variety of sources, including VCRs and cable TV, then view the programs either on the device's small color display or on a large screen when the device is connected to a TV. These devices also let you play audio files, including MP3s.

Apps for movie streaming:
Amazon instant video

You would also want to have a long with movie watching gadget a good pair of noise-isolating headphones. Some airlines offer earphones, though you would need to pay for them. It is not expensive, but considering how uncomfortable they are and how bad the sound is, wouldn't you want your own pair that lets you tune in and tune out. (See Travel-friendly music gadgets) Use them with your CD, DVD, MP3 players and personal or laptop computers, netbooks, home stereos and of course airline in-flight entertainment systems. A great pair of headphones provide full immersion as well keeps the noise out to help you enjoy your onboard entertainment.

Top 5 Movies to Watch While Traveling:
1. The Incredibles
2. The Bourne Ultimatum
3. Rush Hour
4. Ocean's Eleven
5. The Game

Did You Know?:
Noise-canceling headphones - Wikipedia

Grab some great games and other apps for free @ Amazon Apps

How do you entertain yourself while traveling? Let us know below

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Jul 3, 2012

6 Gadgets to Keep You Cool This Summer

Summer Gadgets to Keep You Cool:

1. SummerSeat Self-Cooling Seat Cushion

This little gadget is for those summer days when getting into a car feels like stepping into an oven. And last thing you want is to sit on something that is already hot before your body heat even gets there. This self-cooling seat is constructed microfiber and circulates air throughout the seat, cooling it down. It plugs into your car's cigarette lighter and runs off of 1.5 volts. It comes with an auto shut-off that shuts off after an hour. It can be used with or without your car's air conditioner, depending on the level of cooling power that you need.
Available through Amazon, affiliate partner.

1.2 Meeno Baby Cool Me Seat Liner Infant Bucket
Just like the seat cushion for the driver, this one is for the tiny passengers. They too can find comfort in the heat of the summer. This seat liner regulates temperatures to keep your child cool and comfortable when traveling or out and about.

2. Handy Cooler

This personal cooling device works by blowing moist air in a small workspace or outdoors. Super convenient, quiet, and small. It can be packed along for a trip. This cooling device operates off of four "AA" batteries or can be attached to a USB. With this useful gadget you can create air conditioning anywhere you are. It is able to cool the air up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also add water to it to take advantage of even more refreshment.

3. USB Eco Wear Shirt
This invention just might be one of the coolest gadgets. Of course it helps that it keeps you cool during sweltering summer months. This air-conditioned shirt plugs into your USB port on your computer or uses your cars cigarette lighter for power. It also can operate from batteries if away from home or your car. This cool cotton shirt could be a great gadget for business traveler that has to put on a suit in scorching heat. That is If you don't mind looking like the Michelin man while the shirt is on.

4. Case to keep your smartphone cool
We all put our phones in our pockets, I know I do. While it might be convenient, in the heat, the sweat and moisture in your pocket are really bad for your phone. A tip to keep it safe is to put the phone in a silicone case, if not already in some kind of casing. At the very least, keep the case-side of the phone toward your skin. Less attractive though still effective solution is to put it in a Ziploc bag to keep the moisture out.

5.1 iPhone Fan
An ingenious idea. It is one thing to have an app on an inside that tells you that is hot outside. This one is an external gadget that is applied to the phone. iPhone Fan attaches to the phone’s charging dock and works off the phone's charge though uses minimal power. It is compatible with iPod Touch and all 5+ iPhones.

5.1 O2COOL Deluxe Water Misting Fan

6. Ice Bandanna (TM) -
It is an ice pack built into the bandanna. Just the thought cools you down. No need to hold an ice pack in your hand or dump cold water on yourself. Plus, I think this gadget can come in very handy during travel as part of a first aid kit to ice bumps and bruises.

Did You Know?:
Heat and batteries do not work well together. Keep your phones and computers out of direct sunlight when it's hot. Don't leave your laptops running on the couch or a cushion – it can't expel the hot air.

Sound-off: What are some of your favorite ways to cool down? Let us know below

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Jun 28, 2012

12 travel gadgets to bring on your summer vacation

Gadgets to take when traveling this summer:

A digital camera -
Something to snap photos with during your trip is a necessity. A phone camera is great when it is a spur of the moment, have to capture it this minute or it will be gone Kodak moment. However, for great travel scenery shots you would need a decent point-and-shoot. Or if you would like to bring home even better pictures and do not mind a bit bulkier camera, a DSLR is a great idea.
Going digital means you can check out your photos and videos as soon as you take them. So if you are still dragging around your favorite film camera, it is time for an upgrade. Even waterproof cameras now come in digital versions that take great pictures and, some, videos.

A good book or magazine -
These days you can take along a collection of books at a fraction of the weight, as there are quite a few gadgets that can store multiple books and magazines in one hand-held device. There is a variety of these on the market enough to suit just about every reader. There is Kindle by Amazon, which itself comes in several different versions. Also Nook by B&N, Sony e-reader, iPad, and so on. With these, there does not have to be only one great summer read.

Music player
It helps me relax which makes it a perfect activity on vacation. Sometimes all you want is a little peace and quiet, or just tune out all the things going on around you. And that is when noise canceling headphones are life enhancers, if not life saver in some situations. Travel-friendly music gadgets

Storage/backup gadgets -
USB thumb drives are small and can be easily slipped into your travel case. You never know when you might want to share or transfer some of those vacation snapshots or important documents.

Power up!
Once you have prepared and packed all the gadgets for the trip, don't forget that they need to be plugged in somewhere to juice up while away. Speaking of which, also do not leave behind the chargers and adapters for each gadget. Hotel rooms do have outlets, but generally not enough of them, and they're often not located in useful spots. An easy way to get around this is to pack a power strip that gives you additional outlets and some also act as a surge protector to keep your devices safe. We now have two of these: Belkin Surge Protector travel charger and a smaller surge protector with 2 USB charging ports and removable phone shelf.

These could be the classic board or card games or electronic versions. These could be handy to pass the time while waiting at air port or on long road trip. Games are also great to bond over or even meet new people. They are especially useful when traveling with kids. Since you know their attention span will not last through 2 hour car ride nor waiting in any lines.

Swiss Army Knife -
its a classic multi-tool. Everything you need and more within one device. Now it also comes with tech gadgets such as USB, flashlight, digital clock and thermometer. I think it is one of the most useful non-electronic gadgets and great to have everywhere. Swiss Army knife reinvented. Though make sure that when flying you pack it into your checked luggage.
TSA regulations on what can and cannot be brought on board

Backpack -
A great bag goes a long way. We like the Lowepro Passport Sling Camera Bag.
This bag fits the DSLR perfectly in it. It also fits cables, water bottle, snacks, keys, wallet, and a light shirt. It is versatile enough to use as a day bag when it’s not packed with camera and other travel gear. My wife loves it. It looks like a regular over the shoulder bag. Which is great as it does not announce to all that there is a camera in there. Without opening it up and looking inside you would not even know its a camera bag. We also put in it while on the trip a collection of travel gadgets: point-and-shoot camera, watch, chargers, batteries, and flash memory cards. The outside of the bag has pockets and dividers that will keep your cell phone, pens, sunglasses, and other useful travel accessories organized and easily accessible. And just in case you over stuff the bag with all this, there is a zipped up expansion to make the bag larger to accommodate.

Make your luggage stand out with these cool fun travel accessories:

Batteries -
While device-specific battery packs are one of the first things you should bring, usual spare batteries should be left behind. Be more green and more efficient with rechargeable batteries. We love and always have along on trips our Enveloop recharge pack that includes 4 batters and charging pack. Here more about it: Rechargeable batteries charger - saves money saves planet

Traveling somewhere sunny?
Bring sunscreen and a pair of good quality sunglasses. The sunscreen should be SPF 15 or higher and sunglasses should be able to block at least 95 percent of UVA rays and 99 percent of UVB rays to keep your eyes safe.

Hand sanitizer and wipes -
You never know where you going to end up and what you going to pet

Did You Know?:
Make a checklist for everything you need, so you don't forget anything. There are some great apps that will help you do that:
SPF - Sun protection factor (indicating the effectiveness of protective skin preparations)

What else do you pack when going on your vacation? Let us know below 

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May 30, 2012

Top New and Green gadgets for Summer Travel

Summer Time Travel

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Did You Know?:
July is the National Ice Cream month because it is the month the most ice cream is sold.

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