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Mar 5, 2019

Family Beach Vacation - Curaçao

Family Beach Vacation - Curaçao

Welcome to Curaçao

⁍ Beach vacation on Curaçao - an island next to Aruba
⁍ Stayed at LionsDive Beach Resort - no frills hotel with its own beach
⁍ Dined across the island in many good restaurants, most would recommend
Snorkeled across the island as well
Top gadgets that made the trip great
⁍ Things we wished we had and placed on the packing list for the next trip
⁍ Itinerary

Feb 25, 2019

Travel News Gadgets Related - February 2019

Latest Travel And Gadgets News

Galaxy Fold was just announced by Samsung. It is a technological innovation in terms of phone construction. Fold combines the size and convenience of a phone with the viewing area of a tablet. When folded, it is a small phone that is just slight thicker than most currently on the market. One of the best features shown so far is that if you start an app while in phone view, you can continue with the same one when unfolded. It creates a seamless transition.

Fold features:
» flexible, 7.3-inch AMOLED display
» a hinge with interlocking gears
» dual battery system with Wireless PowerShare
» biometric fingerprint security
» AKG speakers
» 5G and LTE capabilities
» six-lens camera system
» triple app multitasking
» And a hefty price of $1980

Feb 4, 2019

Best Way To Carry Money While Traveling

10 Smart Ways to Carry Money While Traveling

Divide and Concur
When out and about, split up your money stash between different areas. You can
- divide between multiple travelers in your party
- and between different areas such as pants' pockets, the fifth pocket of your jeans, inside bag pockets, or hidden jacket pockets
- and the gadgets and accessories below

Jan 28, 2019

Why There Are No Longer Crowdfunding Posts On The Site

Why There Are No Longer Crowdfunding Posts

Travel Tech Gadgets is a site that aggregates useful fun info about travel and best gadgets to use while traveling. I try to be a helpful resource in my posts and write about stuff that I know about and have used on our trips or otherwise.

As might have been noticed, the crowdfunding posts have been missing lately from the site. It is not because they were not popular or performing. Quite the opposite, they were some of the top trafficked posts on the site.