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Apr 22, 2010

OmniZel LC22WT 2-Way FRS/GMRS Digital Wrist Watch (Gray/Blue)New Cool Gadget Find of Today:

Walkie talkie watches - Walkie talkie watches are a great way to keep in contact with your travel companions. No more holding a walkie talkie in your hand to communicate with your friends, just talk into your watch like the great spies of the movies and cartoons. Some of these have an option where you do not even have to press a button to talk as they are voice activated.
Since these double as a cool digital wrist watch, you have one less thing to pack. Actually, it would be at least two less things to pack as you would need more than one walkie talkie to communicate. Hence you would not need to find a place for them or look for them in the backpack. Moreover, the walkie talkie watches come with recharchable Li-ion battery and include an AC adapter. So you would not need to replace or carry extra batteries with you on the trip.
As most combos go, you would not expect much of these in terms of functionality either as a watch or a walkie talkie. However, suprisingly these have great features such as LCD display, multiple channels, and a communication range of 5-6 km (3-4 miles). A lot of these also include earpieces for even more covert conversations. With so many cool features these could be great for communicating between cars on a road trip, keeping track of your family or friends while camping, at amusement parks, and much more

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