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Jun 23, 2010

Traveling with the kids

The other day I was looking at a list of people tweeting about travel and noticed that quite of few of them were traveling parents and some that were traveling with their kids. This inspired me to take a look at some of the travel gadgets that are available for the parents and the kids.
One interesting gadget I came across was the "Ride-On Carry-On."
This baby travel gadget could be useful on a family trip through an airport, train station or bus terminal. "Ride-On Carry-On" turn your suitcase into a stroller by strapping on to just about any suitcase with wheels. It is made of a durable and washable 100% polyester fabric and is made to fit all 18" to 22" carry-on-bags. The chair comes with a five-point harness, similar to the ones found on car seats for toddlers. This way you can navigate through busy airport foot traffic without worrying that your child is going to fall out. You can also tilt or stand the suitcase up and the chair and your child will stay attached. It also collapses to fit in the overhead compartment and has a tray table built into the headrest. (Image)

Here are some more baby travel gadgets I came across:
Carriers and Backpacks
Car seat and toy and accessories for a car ride
Futuristic baby carrier - maybe too futuristic
Travel Car Bottle and Food Warmer
Easy View Back Seat Mirror

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