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Aug 16, 2010

Waterproof your travel

A large percentage of traveling is going on vacation. And most vacations take you down south where it is warm, sunny, green, and wet, as 70% of earth is covered with water. Since packing for you trip nowadays includes stuffing the pockets with various electronic gizmos, it is a good idea to also take along travel gadgets that will keep your phones, games, e-readers, music player, and so on safe and dry.

There are various types of gadgets that come already waterproof. You can get a digital camera that works almost as well underwater as it does above. Special casing keeps the water out and lets you snap away multitude of cool and fun things in the water. And while taking those shots, you can now also enjoy some music with waterproof music players such as the Freestyle 2gb mp3 player.

For other gadgets there are cases of different shapes and sizes that would protect them in the water or from any splashes around the water.

OverBoard Waterproof Gadget Cases are 100% waterproof and float if dropped in water. They are perfect for safeguarding your gadgets (phone, camera, MP3 player) and also keep out dust, sand and dirt.
There is one for the camera that lets you take pictures down to 19ft (6m) underwater and is perfect for digital cameras without a telescopic zoom lens. And an MP3 case that is heavy duty waterproof padded with an arm strap, which would definitly come in handy under water with the currents.

The coolest and definitly useful waterproof gadget I found is the Underwater Camera and Video Diving Mask (pic at top of post). It has an integrated water resistant High Definition 720P digital video camera plus 5.0MP still camera. No more dragging cameras around and have it hanging on your wrist and twirling away. And trying to peep through the view finder while underwater is not that much fun also. This diving mask/camera makes it a whole lot easier to get decent shot, video, and even record sound in the water. It might look a bit bulkier than regular goggles, but since with those on you already look goofy, why not have a cool tech camera on it as well

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