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Mar 28, 2011

Do Electronic Gadgets Really Affect an Airplane's Instruments?

An article by David Parker Brown on Aol Travel: "Do Electronic Gadgets Really Affect an Airplane's Instruments?"

"The official reason for the requirement that electronic devices need to be turned off is to make sure passengers listen to the safety instructions from the flight attendants, reduce the presence of loose objects getting in the way in case of an emergency and to eliminate the possibility of the devices interfering with the airline's avionics.
It is not just about putting away your electronic devices, but actually shutting them completely down
... Electronic devices must be kept off under 10,000 feet since take off and landing are two of the most critical parts of a flight, experts say. It's considered a matter of safety."

Did You Know?: Most cellphones today have an Airplane Mode. By turning this feature on before the take off, would allow you to use other features of the phone such as music players, games, calendars, and so forth while in flight.
Airplane mode is a setting on many cellphones which disables their wireless communication abilities, theoretically making them approved for use on aircraft. While in airplane mode, a phone cannot send or receive phone calls, text messages, picture messages, or video messages, and the user may not browse the Internet on the phone or use Bluetooth® devices with it.

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