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Apr 25, 2011

Follow up...Rechargeable batteries charger plus cool camera plus pics

Update to "Rechargeable batteries charger - saves money saves planet" ...

This weekend, we took a 4 day trip to Maryland. It was great, we went to Baltimore Inner Harbor, got on top of the World Trade Center to see all of Baltimore laid out in-front of us in 360 degree view. We also went down to Annapolis and visited the Naval Academy as well as the town, even though it was pouring all day. And relaxed across the bridge in Tilghman Island and Kent County. All in all it was a great road trip. And you know it was scenic as my wife took 510 photos in three and a half days. That is around 146 shots per day. I thought it was quite a bit.
We had the Canon Powershot camera I mentioned in the last post with us. And we took along our "new" rechargeable battery charger set including the 4 batteries that it came with. I would like to report that it was an awesome gadget purchase and it was great to have on the trip.
We only had to switch the batteries twice while actually walking around. Which is in itself a wonder as the camera usually goes through a lot more changes. On the third day of the trip my wife even said that she was surprised and impressed how long these batteries lasted as compared to regular batteries. We put not yet used batteries into the camera and charged the other 2 in the evening and were set to go. Moreover, as we do a lot walking we like to travel light, so having only 2 batteries on stand by in my pocket was great.

Why good to have on a trip:
- less batteries to drag around
- surprisingly longer life span
- cheaper than regular batteries
- for us, they work

I do not usually recommend any products. In my posts I am looking to describe the coolness and usefulness of  gadgets on a trip. However, I am partial to the camera that we have in terms of the quality of pictures that it takes, the ease of taking them, and the awesome resolution of those pictures when printed or on computer screen. The latest version of the digital camera we have is Canon PowerShot SX130IS 12.1 which comes with 12x optical zoom compared to our 10x which was the only option at the time. This camera is not the smallest, slimmest, or cutest, but it is one of the better point-and-shoots I have seen. review: "Big zoo, small price. This 10X optical zoom camera is perfect for soccer moms (or dads) who want to get that perfect shot from afar. The SX120 IS also has a large 3-inch screen for framing and reviewing your 10-mp photos, optical image stabilization (IS), and motion detection for blur-free pics. If your friend isn't tech-savvy, have no fear, the Canon has Smart Auto mode and Easy mode, so that anyone can get the best shot without having to tweak the settings."

Some pics from the trip: Maryland trip

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