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May 3, 2011

Travel essentials for easy travel by frequent flyers

6 essential items to ease your travel experience

article by By William Bailey from Budget Travel

The folks on this list have quite an extensive travel itineraries and a whole lot of miles under their belts. In the article the provide some of the essential travel items that they always take a long on their journey. I found this post very interesting as it included some of our favorite items to take a long as well.

Matthew Kleinosky, one of the travelers on the list, always has a water filter with him while traveling as well as a water bottle.

From another frequent traveler: "My first aid kit and my Swiss Army knife (in checked bags): I've used the knife to open items, to eat, and for other useful functions..."

Another one takes along earplugs to tune out "loud, unhappy children." While that is great, I like to not only tune out but also tune into some enjoyable relaxing music. And that is where noise-canceling headphone come in handy as they do both and work great to get you through the flight, train ride, or just the wait for both.

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