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May 10, 2011

Little stone that could ... clean up your trip

  On a recent shopping trip not food related, we picked up a little gizmo that we saw in the store in the last minute before going to the checkout. I have somewhat known about these but for a different purpose. The little item we got was lint removing sweater stone.
  When I first saw it, out loud I was asking if we should get it and if it will be useful. Though to myself, almost subconsciously, I thought this might be a savior for a couple of my most favorite apparel items that from a glance look like they have had better days. I have a zip up sweater that I like a lot since it is comfortable, easily goes with most of the things I wear so great to take a long on a trip, and it has a double zipper. As with most things that you like, you tend to wear these quite a bit. I wore this sweater just about any chance I had. After awhile and a few washes, it started to look that way with a bunch of rolls and such on the front of it. The other article is my winter black wool jacket. It was a great find. It fits me well and also easy to go with and looks cool. It is warm in the winter with layers underneath and great in the fall and in beginning of spring. So as you can imagine, I was also wearing quite a bit. It came to a point where my wife was telling I need to get a new winter jacket as this just looks worn out. I didn't like the idea. However, I did indulge the request by trying on several jackets in several stores, but none of them fit as well or looked as good.

  And this is where the story goes back to the little rectangular stone with ruff surface. I first used in on the sweater and it removed a lot of the lint relatively easy. After, I decided to use it on my jacket to see if I can save it as well. It worked great. Areas that looked gray and worn out because of the lint and fuss build up on the top, started to clear up and look black again. My wife took a look at the progress I was making on small areas of the jacket and decided to help me clean the entire thing. Once finished, it looked a whole lot better and prolonged the life of the jacket for maybe another couple of years.
  The lint removing stoneis light and is easily packed into a plastic sleeve. It is also very inexpensive. It is a great tool to have on winter trips when you take along sweaters or jackets, or pants for that matter, to quickly clean them up.

Why good to have on a trip:
- light
- compact
- easily removes lint
- can be uses for other purposes: file, sharpen, stain clean, remove pet hair ...

Did You Know?:
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