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Jul 23, 2013

Deliberations of a Traveling Photographer (aka my wife)

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After quite some time of deliberation, my wife got herself a new lens by Sigma for the XSi Canon Rebel DSLR camera. It is one fine piece of machinery - 18-250mm with f3.5-6.3 and has optical stabilization.

Here are some photos taken with it as I was racing around the track 

Her main doubt was definitely price but after many reviews and tons of trave and seeing the need for onel, she set her eye on this lens.

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This lens has many pros:
No need to switch lenses between telephoto and standard (75-300m and 18-55mm) - gives you tons more opportunities to get the best shot
Compact - no need to carry multiple lenses during travel
Larger zoom and still fast - good shutter-speed
Price - she compared Sigma and Cannon lenses and decided that $300 extra won't get you more than a brand name
Made in Japan! Its rare to see anything made outside of China now-a-days

She has been testing and using this beauty continuously since she finally got it. Here are some more photos:

To get your own via click here: Sigma 18-250mm lens

The lens and the camera fit very nicely into our Lowepro Passport Sling Camera Bag. It has been on a lot of trips, including the photo sessions posted here. It cradles the camera with great padding, and has room for accessories as well as other travel items such as wires, chargers, water bottle and knickknacks

Sound Off: What do you use on your travels to capture memories? Let us know here

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