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Aug 2, 2012

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets

Plantronics BackBeat Wireless Headset
- Unhook yourself from your device. -Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
- Noise-Canceling Microphone
- Take calls, skip tracks and adjust volume with in-line controls
- Foldable for Easy Storage & Transport
- Compatible w/ Most Bluetooth Smartphones, Tablets & MP3 Players
- Ultralight, comfortable, easy-to-wear
             available on Plantronics BackBeat

driSuit iPhone Waterproof Case

- 100% waterproof case
- Take photos underwater up to 15 feet deep
- Cushioned to protect your iPhone if dropped
- Waterproof headphone jack
- Touch-sensitive gel screen

Zomm Wireless Leash

- 3-in-one device: Wireless Leash, Bluetooth Speakerphone, and Personal Safety Device
- Keeps your phone and your keys on a leash
- ZOMM Wireless Leash tethers to your phone wirelessly and will alert you if you and it ever separate
- speakerphone with a noise-canceling microphone
- simple one-button press & hold system to get you in touch with 911
- more here "ZOMM Wireless Leash for Mobile Phones" and "Ready to travel Back to School"

Solar Backpack

- Keep your gadget powered up while traveling
- Use renewable energy to keep devices charged and be green
- No need to carry around as many chargers
- A source for charging when traveling in remote areas where traditional charging sources are not available, and in emergency situations.
- These backpacks come with multiple organizer pockets for your smart phones, iPods, and accessories
- Sturdy and spacious backpack

Viewermate Smartphone Stand
- V-shaped, wallet-sized combination of case and stand for the smartphone
- flexible and stable
- can be affixed to back of the seat for watching movies on airplane or in Car for passengers. It can also be attached to a car visor for hands-free conversations and GPS assistance

Jawbone Up
- from the maker of cool portable wireless speakers, Jambox, this latest gadget goes on your wrist.
- monitors your steps, distance, calories burned, pace, intensity level, active vs inactive time, GPS routes and more
- moreover, it can track your sleep patern and act as an alarm clock waking you up by vibrates on your wrist and slowly getting you our of sleep mode
- syncs up easily with an iPhone through its own app
- and many other features

Any other cool new gadgets you know of that are on horizon? Let us know below

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