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Jan 3, 2013

Tips on Tipping while Traveling

Tips on Tipping:

When to tip? Who to tips? And how much to tip? Are always hot topics. There are many people in our daily lives that provide services that we would consider showing gratuity with some greens. Or some folks that go an extra mile to get things done or provide the best customer service. This is even more of a difficult issue when traveling. In some countries it is not customary to tip. In others, tips are giving for certain things and in certain amounts.

Here are some guidelines:

- Taxi driver to or at your destination - $2 to $4, depending on if handles bags and how heavy those are
- Bus driver on tours and such - $1 - $2
- Room service - $2-$5 per night. It might not be the same person making up your room throughout your stay, so it is best to leave something everyday rather that at the end of your stay
- Bellman/Porter - $1 to $2 per bag depending on the amount and weight
- Parking Valet - $2, depending on the service could be up to $5. Most folks give tip after getting their car. I think that its best to give before also. I would split up the tip with some before and a bit after.
- Masseuse/Spa service - 10% - 15%
- Waiter - 15% for adequate service, 20% for exceptional service. For not so great service, it is still a good idea to leave some tips (under 10%) as most waiters receive minimal wage since the tips are supposed to supplement it.

Note that in Asian and Pacific countries such as Japan, tipping is actually perceived as an insult. In Vietnam tipping is illegal. Other countries are not as strict regarding gratuities. For instance, in Australia and New Zealand, a tip is not expected. There are quite a few varying customs from continent to continent and country to country. Restaurants in Europe vary also. Some include tips in the tab, and some do not. In some places even if there is a service charge, you may be expected to tip a little extra. This is starting to become a common place for Eastern European establishments. So its best to take a good look at the bill prior to paying.

Before you take off on your next trip check our these tipping guides for various countries that would keep you in the know, not throwing your money away, and keeping with the local customs:

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