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May 3, 2013

Travel Video of the Week - 8 must-have travel gadgets

8 must-have travel gadgets

Many summers ago, I went swimming in the pool and, unfortunately, so did my phone. It was an older version flip phone. It did not make it. Nowadays, I have my iPhone. And like most folks and their smartphones that contain a bunch of stuff saved on there, I would like to keep it safe and dry. Lifeproof LifeJacket case, as shown in the video above, is supposed to do just that.

WaterBuoy is a new cool gadget that would be great to take with you when traveling to destinations with bodies of water. If you drop something into the water, the trigger is activated, the gas is released into the balloon, giving Waterbuoy its buoyancy. It stays inflated for up to 24 hours so that you can find it as it is floating around. The balloon is bright orange and it also lights up so you can see it from a distance. Just make sure if you do go swimming with some stuff with you, especially those with electronic components, make sure you have a waterproof case.


Another travel gadget great for the beach is the The Beach Towel Clip. It keeps your beach towel in place and from flying away or rolling away while lounging around. No more searching for stones on the beach. No more using flip flops and water bottles to keep your towel flat.      

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