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Jun 26, 2013

Gadgets Worth Packing This Summer - even if some are not tech

Fun in the Sun
Ideas on what to pack for vacation or a sightseeing trip:

Tube of Powdered Sunscreen
- great for everyone as it floats on and does not need to be rubbed in. It does not melt or desolves even in summer scorcher.


Digital Camera
5 Hot New Compact Cameras for Summer 2013

Useful Keychain Danglers
- Perfume - clip it onto your car keys, bag, or jeans hook, it can really travel. Be ready and smelling fresh anywhere you go

- Hand Sanitizer - while traveling you end up in some cool but strange and unknown places. And you also meet folks from various walks of life, touch things, grab on to things, and find things. Keep your hands clean and bacteria free with this travel accessory

- Utility tool - several tools in one taking up less space in your bag, cool

- USB - convenient, small, capless and pocket-sized for easy transport

- Flashlight - light anywhere you go with LED bulbs it will last throughout the entire trip

- Bottle opener -

Apple iPhone/Samsung Galaxy S III
The iPhone is easy to hold and easy to carry. Best of all, it is easy to operate even for first time smartphone users. Smartphones, overall, are nowadays an essential travel gadget.
Best Gadgets for Watching Movies While Traveling

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
This latest version of Kindle has great contrast that comes as a result of an innovative integrated lighting system. You still get the easy-on-the-eyes readability and impressively long battery life, but no more need for a book light.

Which travel accessories would you recommend for this summer? 
What packing advice you might have?

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