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Aug 7, 2013

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets

Newest and Coolest Travel Gadgets

Meteor by Kreyos SmartWatch
- waterproof - can use for 2-way calls even if you are in the water
- built for the fitness enthusiasts
- fitness activity monitors: losing weight, running, cycling
- comes with clip-on that goes on your cloth for monitoring your vitals
- built-in motion control via accelerometer
- pairs with iOS, Android, and Window devices
- can change music and other options with just a swipe of your hand

Samsung Galaxy Active - waterproof

One of the latest offerings from Samsung is the waterproof, dust proof Galaxy phone. You might have seen some of the ads ( show the phone dropped in water as well as into the flour and it comes out OK. It is great for someone who forgets to take out their phone before jumping into the pool. Yes, I have done that and the phone did not make it out, but it was definitely a lesson learned. Galaxy Active has 8MP camera, and can control your TV, erase photo distractions with one touch, or preview files without touching the screen. Though this one is not great for quality photography as the camera has low resolution and while it is waterproof, it is not shatter-proof.

Sony's Xperia Z is also waterproof
Similar to Active, this phone is also dust and water proof. Unlike the Galaxy, it takes much better pictures. It has 13MP camera, high-dynamic-range (HDR) video recording, durable tempered glass, and can wirelessly share music and video on other devices. Both of the waterproof phones are highly designed for that purpose. The other features are not as robust. Xperia Z has short battery life, camera's shutter is a bit slow, and has an average overall performance

Sony Cyber-shot HX50
Its a small camera that can. It comes with a lot features that are usually found on larger cameras. And you can see all these here Cyber-shot Features. HX50 is more robust than a regular point-and-shoot though not quite a DSLR. It has a 30x optical zoom, optical image stabilisation, and direct access exposure control for manual adjustments. It fits more in between these two versions and its price is also in between. Sony DSC-HX50V

Google Brings Voice Calling Back to Gmail, Now Under Hangouts

Flips headphones become speakers
Gadgets that can do more than one function are great for travel. It means you would need to take one less thing with you and yet still enjoy the functionality. Flips Headphones are just like that. They are a hybrid between headphones and speakers. It is an innovative and cool product. Flips provide great noise-canceling sound as headphones and ones transformed, can share that sound with others at great quality.

Nokia officially announces the Lumia 1020: 41MP camera

Hidden Radio
It does not look like one, but hidden within this bulb is a compact radio. It is very portable with the size of 3.4" x 3.8" inches. Hidden can be a wireless speaker or FM radio. Lift the cap to turn it on, the further you lift the cap the louder it gets. Simple operations and simple-looking design. Available on Hidden Radio

Sony reveals SmartWatch 2 with larger, higher-resolution screen

Cheaper, Sportier Google Glass Competitor Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Sound-off: What are some of the newest gadgets you can't wait to get your hands on? Let us know below

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