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Dec 4, 2013

Travel Video of the Week - Things You No Longer Need Because of Smartphones

30 Things You No Longer Need Because of Smartphones

Our smartphones have replaced a lot of the travel gadgets and accessories we used to pack for a trip. These new devices have also enhanced some of the parts of travel beyond what was previously possible. I have mentioned the usefullness of smartphone while en route in a few previous posts: Smartwatches: A Revolution on Your Wrist?, Business Traveler Must-Have Travel Gadgets, and Best Gadgets for Watching Movies While Traveling. There is a lot you can do just with this small gadget in your pocket or bag. Video below shows 30 such items that we no longer need to take with us which means packing a lot less of the travel assist gear and more of the necessities. Which is so much better considering all of the luggage fees and transportation costs that exist now.

Sound-off: What are some other ways that you use your cellphone while traveling? Let us know below

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