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Jan 14, 2016

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - January

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - January

GoPro Karma is the action cam company’s first drone, coming 2016

11 Ways OLED Technology Is Amazing
OLED screens are flexible and require a lot less electrical power than current screens to work. These characteristics would be great for travel gadgets that can go anywhere without cracking and take up less space and also need less time and frequency of charging them.

Ultra-Efficient Folding Wings on Boeing 777X
Wing size matters—bigger wings generate greater lift, which can improve an airplane’s fuel efficiency. Boeing’s new 777X twin-engine airliner will have lower fuel consumption and operating costs per seat. Its wings, while larger than most, are strong and flexible with tips that fold up so it can fit fine within today’s airports.

New Patent Allows Passengers to Fly on Top of the Plane
The latest seat technology isn’t jamming more passengers onto a plane or adding new gadgets to your seat back. Instead, you may soon be flying on top of the plane—that’s right, on top. The SkyDeck, a 360-degree, teardrop-shaped bubble, is ready to radically redefine the term "window seat." For even more luxury and Jetson-level technology, passengers will access the two seats through an elevator and, once inside, will be able to rotate their seats to see what it’s really like to fly at 300,000 feet. ...More

Screen As Solar Charger
A new type of battery is in the works that will let phone, for the first time, utilize solar power. Sunpartner Technologies' Wysips, turns a phone's screen into a solar collector. It's similar to the way Casio solar watches and calculators used to be powered. Though now this is being tested for phones, tablets, and notebooks.
At the moment, the solar cells can generate roughly 2.5 milliwatts per square centimeter in typical sunlight conditions. After 10 minutes in the sun, the screen could generate enough electricity to power a phone for an extra couple minutes of talk time. Currently, the technology of the solar screen to meant augment gadget's battery rather than fully power it. Though more development is on the way to increase the power output. This would be great for travel, since sun energy is a lot more abundant then electric plugs

IC-R Rider Concept Helmet
Built-in heads up display includes rear-view cameras, speedometer and trajectory view, and mobile software that enable rider to make and receive calls.
LED lightning warning system for approaching danger, ie spidey sense.
Built-in solar panel that charges all of the helmet components.
And would have e-tint visor technology that is the fast to respond to light adjustments.

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