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Apr 14, 2016

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - April

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - April

Forget tiny mobile keyboards, you could soon type in mid-air using SONAR
This would also mean one less thing to pack in your carry-on when traveling with your gadgets. You use just about any surface to draw and type on your phone or smartwatch instead of on the tiny display.

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Kiss That Window Seat Goodbye: Is THIS What Airplanes Could Look Like in 40 Years?!
Concept design of what the plane might look like in the future is quite a change fromt the current. More space, less emissions. That would be great step forward for the air transport.

Suitcase that solves the biggest problem with luggage
No need to track your luggage. Your luggage will track you. That is the concept behind the new suitcase current in development that has sensors on-board for tracking its owner and following them around the airport. And since the luggage is on its own platform, you also do not need to drag

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Supersonic Jet Faster than the Concorde Under Construction
The new plane would make a trip from New York to London in just three and a half hours. It is still far from being in production and commercial use, though definitly make the world even smaller.

Blue Origin Successfully Launches, Lands Rocket for Third Time
This plus successful attempts by SpaceX, proves reusable rockets are now a reality, which in turn means lower cost for space freight and fligh leading to more feasable commercial trips.

This New Plane Could End Jet Lag for Good
"The A350 XWB is larger than a Boeing 787 but smaller than an A380. The “XWB” in its name stands for “Extra Wide Body,” and that's not a lie. The 253-passenger aircraft is six inches wider than a 787...."

This New Office Will Have Hundreds Of Spaces For Bikes—But None For Gas Cars
More power to the bikes. Not only the building is green, they are thinking outside the building of how people get to it. Suggesting that their commute be greener as well.

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