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Jun 20, 2016

The Future Of Human-Independent Travel Is Almost Here

Autonomous Cars, Trucks and Buses

Not too long ago in a few sci-fi movies, the characters were shown jumping into a vehicle that pulled up next to them sense a driver. They also did not have to get behind the wheel, but could sit back after telling the car their destination. The reality of such commute is very close. Tesla's auto pilot goes beyond just cruise control by taking over the car and not only controlling speed but also distance to the nearest vehicle and has the ability to slowdown, stop, or even switch lanes as necessary. Hence, why the guy above was able to fall asleep while in the driver's seat. Since the technology is very new and, while working well, is not fool-proof yet it is not recommended to leave it unattended 100%.

Volvo S60 - Autonomous driving:

Famous autonomous vehicles:
Kitt (Knight Rider)
Audi Concept (I, Robot)
Minority Report car
The Batmobile
The Fifth Element flying car

Someone made the Lexus 2054 from Minority Report

The Most Ultimate Driving Machine (That You’ll Never Drive) via WIRED

Rolls-Royce Concept Car

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Jennifer/Heaven not Harvard said...

I'm really torn about this technology. On one hand, it's cool, but on the other, I get carsick and driving is the only thing that keeps riding in the car from being totally torture. But I do like the safety aspect.

TravelTechGadgets said...

Hi Jennifer. Good point, it would be curious to see how the producers of the self-driving cars address the carsickness when not behind the wheel. I have heard (and experienced) that before quite a few times, though didn't think about as related to autonomous cars, until now ;)

plants vs zombie said...
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