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Jul 21, 2016

Travel News - Gadget Related - July

Travel News - Gadget Related - July

Amazon's Kindle Gets Slender for Beach Season
- It is thinner and lighter - 6.7 x 4.7 x 0.35 inches; 5.6 ounces
- Comes in black or white
- Will feature 512MG of RAM (up from 256MG
- Built-in Bluetooth audio support
- All Kindles will get an over-the-air update in the coming weeks, which will enable the new Export Notes feature. This lets you send your notes and highlights as a PDF to your email for future reference.

Offline movie and show viewing may finally be coming to Netflix
That is huge news for travelers that have a Netflix subscriptions and enjoy the shows and movies via the service. Once this take effect, you will not need to find a Wi-Fi connection to watch the show. You would be able to pre-download the latest episodes before taking off

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Adding a Fitness Tracker to Your Travels (via
Not only do I look forward to travel because, hey, ADVENTURES; I now also look forward to it because I am so much more active when I’m on a trip.

Are e-bikes the answer for a relaxing cycling holiday? (via
using an e-bike is not the same as a motor bike – the bike does not move on it’s own and you still have to pedal..

It’s the 3 Little Things: iPad Summer Shields, Binge-worthy TV, & Pillow Love (via
I love reading on my iPad with the Kindle app, but it can be difficult to read in the sun with this gadget. These Tech Armor anti glare protectors cost less than $10 for two and have made reading so much more enjoyable for me this summer.

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