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Sep 8, 2016

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - September

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - September

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This Stroller Charges Your Phone Using Generators In Its Wheels
As someone who only recently was out with a stroller 3-4 times a day to get the little one to sleep, I know how great it is to have your phone with you and charged.  The only and fastest way kiddo would fall asleep was in the stroller outside. And other than looking around there is not much for a dad to do. Having a phone allowed me to catch up on emails, keep up with work, and also stay current on news and social media. Being able to charge your phone to keep it going during the nap time is a great option, especially since it is via renewable energy

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Passenger drone gets permission for US flight tests
- Ehang 184 is a low altitude autonomous aerial vehicle
- It is designed for medium-short distance communication and transportation
- Also designed to be a 100% with green technology, and is powered by electricity only

Jabra joins the fully wireless earbud game
Jabra is leveraging its Bluetooth expertise into rugged, fitness-friendly earbuds.. next step coming: going fully wireless. Set to hit the store on October 30, priced at $250.

Samsung Expected to Release Flexible Smartphones by Next Year

Samsung unveils world's first UFS memory cards — the successor to microSD
UFS (Universal Flash Storage) cards have sequential read speeds of up to 530 megabytes per second. Additional power is necessary nowadays within the memory cards to keep up with the abundance of high-resolution footage being generated by devices from smartphones to action cams, drones to 360-degree cameras. The design of the cards looks similar from the front to the microSD cards, though that is where the similarities end as the pin configuration on the back is non-compatible with the current versions.

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Edible Water Bottle Could Change Hydration Forever
- The edible water bottle is called Ooho!
- Ooho! is a new kind of packaging made from seaweed that proposes an alternative to plastic bottles
- Spherical water container is easy and cheap to make, strong, hygienic, biodegradable, and can even be eaten
- Makes it easier than ever to keep a bottle of water on hand
- Very compact for travel

China’s futuristic elevated bus allows traffic to pass under it

Paper On EmDrive To Be Published In December
EmDrive is electromagnetic propulsion engine concept that creates thrust using microwaves trapped in a chamber without releasing any exhaust material.

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Kelly Turpin said...

Love the idea of the edible water bottle. We are cruising Southeast Asia at the moment and plastic bottle make up a huge amount of the rubbish we see in the water. Sad!

TravelLatte said...

You have to wonder why we don't have some of these things already!

TravelTechGadgets said...

@TravelLatte - agree. where are the flying cars? and i really hope the edible water bottle will get mass production

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