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Jan 23, 2017

Amazon Tap with Alexa and How It Is Useful For Travel

Amazon Tap with Alexa and Travel

Amazon Echo, with Alex artificial intelligence assistant, is a home based hub that responses to a verbal request with responses on a multitude of topics. It can play music, tell you the weather, latest sports scores, and news headlines. Through skills that are available on Amazon's Alexa Skills page, Echo can increase a number of topics that it is able to answer. Amazon Tap is similar to Echo, except it is designed to be portable, making it great for travel, and needs to be tapped to activate.
Through learning these skills and quite a few companies developing new ones, Alexa is broadening out into the travel world.

Heading Out
Find out from Alexa what the weather is like outside and get a forecast.
Order Uber for your trip using Alexa.

City Guides
Alexa can also "learn" city guides. You can find out information within major cities, as currently available, before heading out to sight see.


Ford is putting Alexa in Fusions and F-150s
» Could turn on their home lights or
» Browse music libraries from the car
» Ask Alexa to start their car from inside the home
» Able to play and resume audiobooks
» Order items on Amazon

Volkswagen plans to do the same: Volkswagen is adding Amazon Alexa to its cars

Huawei is including an Alexa app by default on its new Mate 9 smartphone.
Pebble Core was the first standalone wearable to include Alexa. The company recently sold all of its intellectual property to FitBit

Travel Apps
Kayak search is a skill available for Alexa that would help track Flights, explore and search by voice on Kayak site.
Expedia has also developed an Alexa skill that enables Expedia customers to ask Alexa about their existing Expedia flight reservations and then to book a car rental or inquire about their Expedia loyalty program numbers.

Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri headed to hotel rooms, report says

Hungry? Alexa can now order specific menu items from businesses that work with Amazon Restaurants in over 20 cities. You have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber, though.

Amazon Tap Sling Cover
Khanka EVA Travel Hard Case for Amazon Tap Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Amazon’s Alexa is everywhere at CES 2017
Wanted: An Amazon fridge that automatically reorders food

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