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May 22, 2017

6 Coolest Travel Gadgets Currently in Crowdfunding - May

6 Coolest Travel Gadgets Currently in Crowdfunding - May

X-Connect: World 1st Cross-Device Magnetic Adapter
» Transforms any USB cable to magnetically connect to all your mobile devices
» Works with Apple (Lightning) or Android (micro USB or Type C)
» Strong snag-free cable
» Attaches a lot easier to the device than just straight charging cable
» Do need the charging cable that came with the device
» Has additional accessories such as a daypack that is stored within the larger bag

The Ultimate Adventure Travel Pack: Allpa 35L
» 35 Liter size that means airline standards for carry-on
» Several open styles: can open up as a suitcase, backpack
» Multiple internal and external pockets
» External zippers can be tucked into an additional sawed on strap
» Shoulder straps can be fully tucked in
The animal on the front is an Alpaca

AquaGenie: The World's Smartest Water Bottle
» Tracks your consumption automatically
» Records the data onto the app, FitBit, or Apple Health dashboard
» The bottom of the bottle flashes and acts as reminder to drink more
» Wireless charging
» Connects via Bluetooth

CARD Adapter - The First Travel Adapter with TYPE C Charger
» Travel Adapter with Type-C port built-in
» Foldable multi-plug
» Ultra compact flat design, about the size of credit card in height
» Comes with a spare fuse
» 4 different designs by number of ports and Watts

goTenna Mesh: Off-Grid, People-Powered Connectivity Anywhere
» New feature for Mess is that it relays messages through other users to extend range
» Pairs to smartphones via Bluetooth-LE
» Use goTenna to stay connected during your travel without roaming fees or SIM cards
» When the power is out and cell towers are down, can still exchange communication with those that also have a goTenna

iCane: The Smart Walking Stick That Keeps You Safe
» GPS Tracking
» LED Flashlight
» Phone Dial Function
» Expandable to suit any height
» Emergency SOS Button
» Long-lasting 900mAh rechargeable battery - 5 days stand-by time
» Connect to the iOS/Android app

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