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Dec 28, 2017

Fellow Bloggers, Big Changes Are Coming In New Year

Fellow Bloggers, Big Changes Are Coming In New Year

Update - Details on how Google active ad blocking would look like on site and mobile pages.

Fellow bloggers, please heed the changes that are starting to roll out and will be full force in the new year. Google will launch the Chrome browser’s built-in ad-blocking service February 15 next year. And they will be strict. Google recently announced that it will start punishing sites that use these annoying tactics in search results:

Turn off pop-ups on your site. Especially any advertising that pops over and covers the content. It will be viewed as negative

Turn off or change large email pop-ups. They are likely to be penalized

Turn off mobile ads that cover full page

Turn off mobile ads that cover more than 33% of the content

Smaller footer ads (those that stick to the bottom of the screen) are ok.

For information on changes by Google check out -
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Best for the New Year!

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