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Feb 5, 2018

When Travel Meets Tech (Gifographic)

When Travel Meets Tech

Did You Know?: 68% of the population uses technology to plan their holidays?
Interesting fact, right? There are more of these below in fun and information Gifographic below.

Technology has always been there, from the time when caveman discovered fire to today when we use the Internet for shopping, booking an appointments, or study; technology has no boundaries. Yes, necessity has led to the invention of various new gadgets and advancement in technology that help ease our lives. Today even the smallest businesses have their presence felt on the internet, and the travel industry is not left behind. Gone are the days when you needed half a year before your holiday to plan a trip and arrange everything. Today you can even do a last minute flight booking or hotel reservations just with the help of your smartphone. There are many travel gadgets and gizmos that can make your trip convenient and more fulfilling.

The ease of availability of extensive information and exciting photographs on websites, social media, and blogs about some of the not-so-familiar places in the world have taken tourism to a whole new level. People want to do something different, and now they can do it with the help of internet and technology. There are many travel websites that give innumerable details about the different places, the ratings on different hotels and restaurants by visitors that can help one decide their trip better. In this gifographic from Panoramic Villas, the ways in which technology has revolutionized travel industry have been explored. Check it out to get the best out of your next trip.


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