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Mar 12, 2018

Travel News - Gadget Related - March

Travel News - Gadget Related - March

Audi Integrates Toll Payments Into Car

Moreveover, Audi is working on having their cars communicate with central traffic control hub in certain cities to dispaly light times right within the vehicle.

Uber CEO: self-driving cabs will hit the streets by mid-2019

Uber officially launches Uber Express POOL, a new twist on shared rides

Samsung Flips the Script on ‘Can Do’ Advertising for an App That Keeps You Awake While Driving

5 Apps That Will Help You Stay Awake on a Long Drive

BlackBerry Introduces ‘Jarvis,’ a New Security Platform for Connected Cars
In short, you need robust, mobile, inexpensive and fast security monitoring in order for cars to be a proper platform for third-party entertainment and advertising...Ads could be used by a malicious actor to compromise the car or its user interface..

Google Flights will now predict airline delays – before the airlines do
Google is rolling out a few new features to its Google Flights search engine to help travelers tackle the more frustrating aspects of air travel – delays and the complexities of fares.

There's a growing movement to force kids to sit in a separate section on airplanes
A 2017 survey from the air travel site Airfwarewatchdog found that a little over half of the respondents believe families with children aged 10 and under should have to sit in a designated section apart from other passengers

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