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Jun 25, 2018

Travel Advisory: It Is Illegal In Europe To Use Walkie-Talkies

It is often illegal in Europe to use walkie-talkies(click to tweet)

I had no idea until I read this article and did some research. Read on for more information on traveling to Europe and using these communication devices.

Walkie-talkies are useful travel gadgets while driving in multiple cars to coordinate pit stops, etc. Also great for communicating while en route and then to meet up when out and about and exploring towns. They are especially great since cell phone would be very expensive to use overseas especially when roaming.

Did You Know?:

Walkie Talkies in Different Countries - Legality and Licensing

» The frequencies that are set for some of the walkie-talkies are partly used by police and ambulances in Europe
» In some regions of Europe, you could jam services using the same channels.
» It's also illegal to use them unless they're certified within the country visiting
» If you do need to have a walkie-talkie to communicate with your traveling party, you are better off buying them within the country you are visiting. These will likely be set up with local specification so you would not get into any issues with the authorities.
» Note that the walkie-talkies you buy in Europe will inversely not be legal for use in the US

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