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Jul 9, 2018

Genius Gadgets to Make Your Next the Best Road Trip

Genius Gadgets to Make Your Next the Best Road Trip (click to tweet)

Guest post by Jane Isherwood, a freelance writer

In the year 2015, 22 percent of vacations undertaken by American families was road travel. A year later, the figure jumped to 39 percent as reflected by a recent study on American tourism by MMGY Global. And, the trend is getting stronger than ever – thanks to cutting-edge road trip gadgets which are redefining road journeys bringing onboard unlimited options for entertainment on the go. When there’s been enough of staring out of the window with conversations growing stale and traffic jams beginning to test your patience, you will thank the smart gadgets you brought with you for your rescue.

Mobile wireless internet

The emergence of the mobile wireless internet has made road tripping a luxury travel experience. This means you can put live travel updates on social media, browse restaurants online or listen to Pandora radio even when you are speeding along interstates by car. A new technology paired up with 3G network ensures seamless connection while an externally mounted car antenna ensures even better reception.

Mobile satellite TV

You can now enjoy your favorite TV shows sitting on the edge of a remote lake or get every breaking news update as you meander your way through a national park – thanks to mobile satellite TV. Alternately, you could simply install a mobile entertainment screen in a car or a family toting vacation truck so passengers, young and old, remain happily entertained with TV shows, movies, and games on long journeys. And, what’s more, if you invest in a multi-satellite TV antenna featuring one button on/off operation, you can enjoy seamless streaming of DIRECTV HD. The best part? If your RV has more than one TV, your family members can enjoy separate programs at the same time.

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Portable gaming systems

What if you could play Battlefield 3 or Burnout Revenge sitting right inside a speeding car? If you are one of those who agrees mobile games aren’t half the fun of the kick-ass games played on PlayStation or Xbox, then in-car gaming systems are for you. Perfect to carry along on long road trips, these portable gaming consoles come in variations of either a gamepad with a touchscreen LCD or a handheld component with all the control features so that you can play remotely on a pre-installed screen sitting right on the backseat.

After a certain amount of time, a long distance road trip tends to get monotonous and begins testing you in a number of ways. But, thanks to the coolest assortment of high-tech onboard entertainment – road trips have become epic adventures when you are never without a moment of entertainment.

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