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Aug 15, 2018

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel & Gadgets - August

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel & Gadgets(click to tweet)

Changes and Improvements to Siri AI on Apple's iPhone

Siri Suggestions:

Call your grandma for her birthday.
Tell someone you’re running late to the meeting via a text.
Start your workout playlist because you’re at the gym.
Turn your phone to Do Not Disturb at the movies.

Siri Shortcuts:
When she tells Siri she’s “heading home,” her iPhone simultaneously launched directions for her commute in Apple Maps, set her home thermostat to 70 degrees, turned on her fan, messaged an ETA to her roommate and launched her favorite NPR station.

In your favorite apps, you’ll start seeing an “Add to Siri” link or button in various places — like when you perform a particular action — such as looking for your keys in Tile’s app, viewing travel plans in Kayak, ordering groceries with Instacart and so on.

A dual-screen, AI-powered laptops
Part Windows 10 laptop, part ink electronic paper display, Intel's Tiger Rapids was just one new dual-screen concept on show at Computex

The newest innovation in Windows laptop design is two 4k screens. Instead of a static keyboard on current versions, there is a 5.5” touch display that you can run apps on, as well as using it just like a normal touchpad and keyboard.

Lenovo Yoga book

Samsung Teases Galaxy Note 9 Speed, Storage in New Videos

Lenovo to Launch World’s First 5G Smartphone with Snapdragon 855

Amazon's Alexa will now be your butler at Marriott hotels said it has partnered with Marriott to help increase guest access to amenities with Alexa, through its voice-controlled device Echo

3 flying cars you can pre-order now

Bosch Anti-Slip Motorcycle Jet Thrusters

Smart License Plates Become Message Display Screens On The Move

Best Anti-Theft USB Charging Travel Gadget Backpack

Amazon's shopping guide that curates luggage based on carry-on size restrictions by airlines
Shop All-new Kindle Travel Gear

Buy reliable VPN for desktop and mobile for travel and at home

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