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Jul 29, 2019

Don't Leave Money Behind When Going Through Security

Don't Leave Money Behind With TSA When Going Through Security

Did you know that people leave nearly $1 million in loose change in TSA bins every year?

The checkpoint is a busy and confusing place - it only takes a second for a thief to grab a wallet or a cell phone out of a bin. Grab your stuff and grab your hard-earned cash as you get through the checkpoint and closer to your destination.

Travel Tip: don't put cash in your checked bags. Too many people have access to them while they are out of your sight and it would be very hard to pinpoint when and where it happened.

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One of the best ways to keep the money is to keep it on you when you are going through security. It is best to not put any cash and other loose items into the bins. I usually place 3 things in those: phone, wallet, and keys. Everything else, including my belt, is stored either in the travel bag or secured on me.

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Travel accessories below are great to secure your cash and valuables and they will not trigger the metal detectors.

A travel money belt is made out of soft material and plastic. It easily goes on your waist and can fit under your shirt, skirt, and even pants.

Travel pouches are made of similar material, though instead of going around your waist, they hang on your neck and can also be worn under the clothing at all times.

Another thing that we do with some loose items that might be in our pocket is put them in a zippered pocket of our Lowepro travel camera bag.

We also have a travel case called Scanner Bagtm that attaches to the carry on bag. It folds up small and looks like just a travel luggage tag when not used. And we do have info inside it as an extra tag. Once approaching the checkpoint, you can open it up and there is a large zipper compartment inside where we place all of the stuff in our pockets so as to keep it all in one place and not all over the bins. We love this bag, however, it looks like it is no longer being sold. From what I have seen so far, there is nothing really like it available. The closest one I found so far is the Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Travel Pouch

With these travel accessories, you can just grab the larger and less of the items from the bins and the belt and be on your way.

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