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Jul 19, 2022

Most Valuable Travel Gadget For Family Travel the Fire TV Stick

MVTG: Fire TV Stick for Family Travel

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 Even before the pandemic, we wanted to get out of the house and spend time outdoors by the pool. Since for now, we do not have a place of our own with a pool, we rented several houses for a week or so with pools in the summertime. 

While we love spending time outside and getting fresh air and being on vacation with a couple of kids we all need some downtime. After we have all showered and had dinner post a day of outdoor activities and swimming, we like to gather up and watch some family shows or movies.

House With A Pool

Last summer, we rented a gorgeous house that the owner build himself as he is in the construction business. All of the parts of the house were well thought out. 

We had the main area of the house as well as the use of the deck with a barbecue grill and the pool area that also had a barbecue grill. Inside the house, he had a large kitchen, several bedrooms upstairs, on-premise laundry machines, and a small, but with very high ceilings, living room. And that is where we spent some of the evenings when we were not out on the town. 

When traveling previously and in the hotel rooms, you would be limited to the channel on television that the venue has pre-singed up and predetermined. However, now just about every hotel and every rental have Internet service that is included. With the Wi-fi connection, you are now no longer limited to what you can watch. You can stream a multitude of shows and movies on many platforms. We currently have multiple streaming services we are signed up for as we no longer watch the standard TV and cable channels. We do not have to wait until a certain time when the TV show is on to watch it. And as some might remember, we used to have to plan our days sometimes around the television schedule. No longer. Every show and movie you want to watch is now available to stream on-demand. 

 Streaming services 

 Fire TV stick has preset buttons even for the top streaming services. Making it a breeze to access these platforms.
There are a lot of streaming services available. From the most popular and widely used ones such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney+, to other lesser known such as Crackle TV, Tubi, Kanopy, and more. When you are at home, you are likely signed into your most used once and you do not need re-login each time you turned on the service. 

While traveling it is a different story. Even if you have a great host or hotel that offers a smart TV or access to a streaming device, you would need to use your login on each one of those during the stay. And most importantly, you need to remember to log out. 

The TV at Your Airbnb Could Be a Security Risk

Taking along with you a streaming device the likes of a Roku streaming stick, Fire TV stick, or Apple TV, would also let you enjoy your favorite shows and movies during travel without dealing with entering passwords. On our Fire TV stick, the logins are preset for our most frequently used platforms. 

When you are ready to leave and disconnect your device all your accounts and logins come with you. They are not sticking around for someone else to peruse. This keeps your and your family's info safe. 

Traveling is about experiencing the world around you and the one you arrived at, though sometimes you just need some time to kick back on the couch and enjoy some viewing time. Travel well and safe.


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