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Bucket List

  1. See the northern lights
  2. Visit Galapagos
  3. Go Whale Watching
  4. Visit the Grand Canyon
  5. Go to Antartica
  6. Visit Great Wall of China
  7. Visit Jerusalem
  8. Arrive at an Airport and Take a Flight Randomly
  9. Attend a Beach Bonfire
  10. Attend a Beach Party
  11. Visit a Dude Ranch
  12. Attend an Event at Buckingham Palace
  13. Attend an Overseas Cooking School
  14. Visit Hawaii
  15. Visit Japan
  16. Visit China
  17. Attend Wimbledon
  18. Attend Winter Olympics
  19. Bathe In Milk
  20. Be a Contestant on a Game Show
  21. Be a Couchsurfing Host
  22. Be a Flashmobber
  23. Be a Matchmaker
  24. Be a Member in the TV Audience
  25. Be an Extra in a Television Show
  26. Be an Extra in a Movie
  27. Be Awake For 24 Hours
  28. Be Handcuffed
  29. Be in a Blizzard
  30. Be in a Disney Parade
  31. Be in a Parade
  32. Be in Two States at Once
  33. Be Inside an Igloo
  34. Go horseback riding
  35. Be Nude on a Nude Beach
  36. Be Photographed Beside the Pyramids of Giza
  37. Black Taxi Ride in London
  38. Celebrate my Birthday in Another Country
  39. Climb a Light House
  40. Collect 50 Shotglasses - more than halfway there
  41. Collect a Coin from Every Country I Visit
  42. Create a World Map With Pins of Where I've Been - will be acquiring a pin globe soon
  43. Dine in the Eiffel Tower
  44. Drink a $200 Bottle of Wine
  45. Eat a Crocodile Meat
  46. Visit every attraction with a glass floor viewing
  47. Eat a Fish I Caught Myself
  48. Eat at a Revolving Restaurant
  49. Eat at a 5 Star Restaurant
  50. Eat at an Undersea Restaurant
  51. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  52. Swim with a Dolphin
  53. Learn a Foreign Language and Actually Use It
  54. Watch a Space Shuttle Launch
  55. Be an Extra in a Film
  56. Skydive
  57. Scuba Dive
  58. Ride a Train
  59. Go to Space
  60. Plant a Tree and Watch it Grow
  61. Shower in a Waterfall
  62. Learn to Legitimately Play a Song on any Musical Instrument
  63. See a Lunar Eclipse
  64. Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square
  65. Drive Across America Coast-to-Coast
  66. Go Snow Skiing
  67. Crash an extravagant wedding
  68. Write my will
  69. Sleep under the stars
  70. Go white-water rafting
  71. Own my own house
  72. Experience weightlessness – no gravity
  73. Go to a sumo wrestling match
  74. See a tornado touch ground
  75. Go to an active volcano
  76. Travel on a safari
  77. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  78. See Mt. Rushmore
  79. Stay at a 5-star hotel
  80. See Stonehenge
  81. Ride a Gondola in Venice
  82. Take a yoga class
  83. Learn how to sail
  84. Learn to Juggle
  85. Make a clay pot
  86. Live abroad
  87. Snowboard
  88. Watch the sunset on a beach
  89. Walk around the Colosseum in Rome
  90. Swim in every ocean
  91. Fly an airplane
  92. Sail on a Yacht
  93. Tour the White House
  94. Eat at a Brazilian Steakhouse in Brazil
  95. Ride a Double Decker Bus in London
  96. Set atop the London Eye
  97. See the Sistine Chapel
  98. Ride a camel in its natural environment
  99. Ride in a helicopter
  100. Sleep in a castle

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