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Oct 4, 2012

Two Year Wedding Anniversary - we were traveling

This week was our two year wedding anniversary. We took a short trip down the coast to Cape May and Atlantic City. We had some great times at both.

While in Cape May we caught a sunset on the beach. Saw the Cape from birds eye view.

On the trip with us we decided to take along the new camera, Panasonic Lumix.Even though we weren't going to go swimming, it is the smallest camera we have and we have been impressed with the quality of photos it takes. It fit easily in the jeans pocket and the handbag. Easy to operate and had many modes. This camera has sunset mode, panorama mode, and even food mode. That is right, there is a mode for taking pictures of food.

We also had one of the best breakfast we ever had while traveling. It was at Mad Batters. We looked through several restaurants and their reviews for breakfast to get us ready for the drive to AC. While overall reviews were ok, there were some that mentioned the service and some other negatives. We did not experienced those while there. It was great fresh food and great service. The coffee was a bit watered down.

That same day not only did we have a great start, we also had a great finish. Second half of the day we were in Atlantic City. We had a celebratory dinner at Morton's Steakhouse. Contrary to some review we also had great service. Everyone was welcoming and congratulating us on our anniversary. Though we did not receive any comp ;)
We also went strolling down the boardwalk to check out the newest addition to the casino row, Revel. It is an impressive structure, with various turns and zags, and rounded edges. We did notice that unlike most other casinos, this one did not have its name up on top. Instead it was at the bottom next to entrance (see picture below). Inside, it is very spacious. The rooms are huge and there are lounge areas spread out through out with small amount furniture in the middle and lots of open space.

iPhone came in very handy when deciding where to dine as we were able to locate the places, find out reviews, opening times, as well as menus. The phone also came in handy in navigating. While we used the good old Garmin GPS, at times it needed to be supplemented. It was a lot easier to find and map a place then entering all that data into the GPS. Also the apps make it easier to access addresses and directions.

One other thing worth mentioning that I enjoyed on this trip were the EZ-Pass express lanes. I have not experienced these before. The fastest one I went through before was 25 mph type. The toll gates on the Garden State Expressway divide cars with the pass and those paying cash into separate sections. I have had my pass for quite awhile. To me its the only way to travel, I don't understand why you would not. I was able to go through the multiple tolls without slowing down.

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