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Jan 18, 2018

New Travel Requirements At Airports This Year

ID Requirements For Travel Are Changing

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) will begin posting signs at airports notifying travelers that beginning January 22nd, 2018 it will start enforcing REAL ID requirements at airport security checkpoints, meaning that travelers seeking to use their state-issued driver’s license or identification card for boarding commercial aircraft may only use such documents if they are issued by a REAL ID compliant state or a non-compliant state with an extension. Before you travel, make sure to check if your state ID qualifies on the map below.

Jul 20, 2016

Biggest News in Travel Since Luggage Fees

Biggest News in Travel Since Luggage Fees

Newly passed air travel legislation is ‘an amazing win for consumers’

Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Bill has been approved by Congress and this legislation would create:
a rule that directs the transportation secretary to establish a policy to allow children under age 13 “to be seated in a seat adjacent to the seat of an accompanying family member over the age of 13” at no additional cost.
a rule to require airlines to promptly and automatically refund “any ancillary fees” paid for checked baggage if it is delivered later than 12 hours after the arrival of a domestic flight or 15 hours for an international flight.

More information on the Bill here:

Did You Know?:
Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Bill (pdf)

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Jun 15, 2015

When To Travel To Avoid Flight Delays Infographic

How to avoid flight delays!

graphic via
Flight Delay Infographic

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Jul 3, 2013

Top Ways to Keep Gadgets Safe While Traveling

Did you know?

There are 3-4 Macs that are left at airport every day.

Southwest Airlines has reported taking possession of up to 10,000 items a month that are left behind at airports and in planes.

McCarran airport in Las Vegas says about 30,000 items — an average of 82 a day — are left behind each year.

Many hotels see at least one item a day left behind by guests. Many see more. The Hyatt Regency in Chicago reports about 7,300 items a year, or about 20 a day, are left, according to Shaheryar Adil, a manager at the hotel.

More mobile phone chargers were left behind by guests than any other item
"If you are traveling and find yourself in need of a phone charger, definitely call down and ask housekeeping.
When we had our impromptu staycation in the city during the storm, we did just that. We asked the front desk of an iPhone charger, as both of ours were running low, and they were able to supply one to us at no charge.

Travelers left behind 8,016 devices between July 2011 and June 2012. Of those, 45 percent were laptops, 43 percent were smartphones or tablets and 12 percent were USB sticks.(Credent)

To avoid leaving your things behind while traveling, triple checking everything is key. Make a mental list of the most important things while packing, such as your e-reader, phone and MP3 player.
Rushing is the main reason customers leave things behind. Having a list might help ensure that gadgets are not left behind as you are ready to head out.

Best way to keep your gadgets with you is to keep them close. Even better is when they tell you if you are walking away from them. Devices such as Zomm and others below, notify you when you are about to seperate from your electronics or other valuables. They emit a sound to give you a warning.


To make sure gadgets such as laptops and tablets stay with you there is security software available, such as LoJack for Laptops, for download. It installs onto your laptop and provides a peace of mind knowing that you will be able to get it back and also that the thief would not be able to access your data.

Other travel tips to keep your gadgets safe:

Avoid the seat-back pocket – it’s a convenient place to store your iPad and phones while in flight but that seat-back pocket is the black hole when it comes to gadgets. Even though I avoid putting my gadgets there, I check these pockets several times at landing to make sure I didn't leave anything else behind.

Label your gadgets – An easy way to label is to use a piece of masking tape and write your name and phone number. Tape this to your gadget and you’re good to go. It’s low-tech but it works.

Know your gadget – If you do leave your gadget behind, be ready to give details to describe it to get back. Color, brand, model or any unique marks that your gadget might have are all helpful to reconnect you with your device. Also other unique, though internal features, such as a list of artists or list of files, would be helpful to know and present to identify you as the owner.

Physical safety of your devices:
All devices traveling should have some sort of carrier, cover or reinforcement in case it is dropped or gets wet. Some of the best are:


The Top 20 US Airports for TSA Theft

The My TSA App provides passengers with 24/7 access to the most commonly requested TSA information.

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Aug 8, 2012

How To Get Through Airport Security Fast

Fly through checkpoints with ease:
A handful of tech-savvy airport-savvy travelers have figured out how to deal with the TSA’s security hassles. There those out there and most of them are either frequent business travelers and /or tech bloggers.
For most of us, it is still a wild jungle and a guessing game when it comes to airport security.

Here are a few tips to make your air travel easier:

First, you got to ask yourself: how long will your trip be? Is your trip and overnight trip, a weekend getaway, or will your trip be a week long or even longer? The answers would determine from the type and number of bags you will pack to the type of items you would bring. The less is more for most destinations.
This is especially true when it comes to luggage fees. For business trips and most of our vacations we try to pack everything into two carry-ons.
To accomplish this feat my wife packs every items of clothing and anything else that is made of fabric into the Space Bags. She also uses the roll method for the bags and other foldable items. By rolling several garments together rather than packing flat, you can fit more in and it distributes the weight more evenly, you may even end up with fewer wrinkles. Make sure to pack all the cloth on the lower level of your suitcase.

Pack Your Suitcase as Efficiently as a Flight Attendant

Place electronics on top of those clothes.
Arrange all of your cables, chargers and similar stuff into a bag and make that the last thing you put in the case. It's handy to have that mess of potentially suspicious-looking cables in one easy-to-find location, to help the TSA with its inspections.

As it goes, the heavier the bag, the fewer things you'll be able to put in it. Look for bag that does not add a lot of weight itself, such as the Delsey Helium Fusion Carryon that weighs only 9 lbs.
On most airlines, the carry-on bag must be no larger than 45 linear inches and fit in an overhead compartment or under the seat. Linear size is comprised of the length + width + height.

Make your carry-on luggage airport-friendly -
One great gadget for carry-ons that helps get through security check point quicker is the Scanner Bag luggage tag. We have used it on several trips now. It is great for dumping all the stuff I usually have in my pockets such as cell phone, keys, and wallet. Keeping all in one place instead of all over the plastic bins makes it easier to gather your self after the screening and keeps all these important items organized.

Consider a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag. These usually have a deprecate compartment just for laptop or other electronic gadgets so they can be easily removed or viewed without disturbing the rest of the luggage.

How to Get Through the Line Faster - from TSA

Airline Baggage Fees: How to Get Around Them

Did You Know?:
Weird laws to know before you travel

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