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May 1, 2014

12 Collapsible Travel Gadgets - Save Space and Sanity

Collapsible Travel Gadgets - Save Space and Sanity

Need to take a few items as a part of your baggage on the way to your destination, but won't have on return trip? That is no problem with a collapsible cooler. You can pack it up on the way with lunchables and other things, and when those are done, fold it up and pack inside your suitcase on the way back.

Collapsible travel cups are small, fold flat, and can be used just about anywhere. You can take them on the picnic together with some of the other items on this list. They are also great when you need a clean liquid vessel for drinking or transporting.

Foldable Headphones:

These headphones fold up for easy transport and packing

Collapsible Bike:
For city dwellers or anyone else looking to go for a bike ride while traveling, a folding bike would serve great. You can easily store it in your trunk without having to deal with it sticking out. They now even come with 26" wheels in pretty much full-size mountain bike.

Jesper Jonnson's solar-powered camping lantern has great style and cool design. Not only does it fold for convenient storage, it also requires no batteries or power source other than sunlight.
Stowaway Collapsible Lantern

Just like many other air travelers I am sure, I have found it frustrations at times when you are all set up with your laptop, iPad, book and such, and all of a sudden they are serving food and/or drinks on the plane. You have to scram in confined space to get things off the folding table so that the food does not end up all over you or your devices. This tray helps elevate that issue by creating an additional shelf for one or the other.

Travel Kettle
You never know when you would need some boiled water for tea, coffee, soup, or for sterilizing.

Reusable, collapsible water bottle/container

Original collapsible travel gadget - Umbrella
Totes Auto Wooden Stick Umbrella

Foldable guitar

This invention came about with help from a Shark from the ABC show "Shark Tank." I love that show, what a great concept. Entrepreneurs and inventors pitch their ideas and businesses to investors. Some are outlandish and some are genius and functional. As the idea for a foldable guitar. It makes it a lot easier to pack and travel with a full-size guitar.

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