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Feb 11, 2014

Travel Gadgets at the Sochi Olympics 2014

Travel Gadgets at the Sochi Olympics 2014

Starter Gun

It starts of all of the races during the Winter as well as Summer Olympics. While it sounds simple enough, a gun shot that goes off to signal for athletes to get going, it is no longer a simple device. When a revolver went off in the past, the sound traveled to the ears of the closest runner a fraction of a second sooner than the others. That's just enough to make a difference between a winner and a runner-up. Now, this gun is electronic and is hooked up to the speakers next to each athlete. This way the sound reaches each competitor at exactly the same time.
There's also an ulterior reason for its look. In a post-September 11th world, a gun on its way to a major event is going to raise more than a few TSA eyebrows, even if it's a realistic-looking fake. Rather than deal with that, the e-gun can be transported while still maintaining the general look of a starting gun.

Shooting The Olympics: Inside The Camera Bag Of Getty Photographer

Tech Behind the Sochi Olympics (video from

Earphones and Music Playes
waterproof ipohd shuffle

We see athletes sporting earbuds and getting pumped up with music before every race. And some, like the snowboarders, even wear them during their performance.



Athletes can use tablets to view videos and info on their competition, review recording of their training, chat with their family and friends, as well as just enjoy the entertainment. Spectators can follow the stats for their favorite Olympians and keep an eye on performances they might not be attending.

Between various apps and other features on the phones the spectators and athletes use their phones to listen to music, keep in touch, be social, view videos, and much more
Samsung Is Asking Olympians To Hide Their iPhones At The Opening Ceremony


There is a lot happening during the Olympic competition. Most of the action happens away from the grand stands. Even if you have great seats for an event, the performers might be moving away from you or not yet in view. You can get closer to the action or be the first to see them with a good pair of binoculars

14 Technologies That Are Changing the Olympics

Sound-off: What are your favorite gadgets to take to a sporting event?
Let us know below

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Feb 2, 2014

Travel Gadgets for the Super Bowl

Gadgets and Such for the Big Game

Smartphone - There are multitude of ways that this gadget can be used for the big game. You can keep track of the latest news on the weather, roster, team news, and such. You can also watch the game on the phone while out and about or picking up some extra items for the game with NFL or similar app. It can also be used as a remote while watching the game on the big screen.

Tablet - You can also enjoy the game while moving from room to room or if are remote. Download the app and you can watch the game just about anywhere. The tablet can also be used to keep in touch with social network while enjoying the game and tweeting about the latest plays and commercials.

Kindle Fire HDX 7", Wi-Fi

Wireless speakers - Hear the game from anywhere in the house or pick up the phone without having to take your game off the screen. Hook up a Bluetooth compatible phone or other gadget, and the sound will come through loud clear through the speakers.

Turtle Shell 2.0 Rugged Water-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Hi-Fi Speaker

Apps - When there is a Super Bowl party, there is likely to be some alcohol involved. And if you are drinking you should not be driving. There are apps for that. Such as intoxicheck, Breathaleyes, and DrinkTracker Breathalyzer. Theses apps can give you an estimated blood alcohol reading, keep track of your drinks, or test you to determine whether you are sober. While these are mostly for entertainment purposes, they could still be good indicators.
Super Bowl XLVIII official app

Wireless Clean Up Tool - At the end of the game, with some great celebrations, someone has to clean up. A wireless bagless vaccum makes it easier. It can be great for cleaning up indoors as well as cleaning inside of your car.

Black & Decker Cordless Hand Vac

Sound-off: What kind of gadgets did you have at your Super Bowl party? Let us know below

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Jan 8, 2014

Best Winter Gadgets to Keep Warm When Traveling

Best Winter Gadgets to Keep Warm and Entertain

Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie

bluetooth beanie
Wireless Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie

Why good to have on a trip:
  1. as name implies, keeps your hands free while
  2. enjoying some tunes while out and about in chilly weather
  3. no wireless to mess around with, syncs wirelessly with your smartphone/media plan
  4. keep you warm
Wireless Speaker Ear Warmers
180s Mens & Womens Bluetooth Ear Warmer

Why good to have on a trip:
  1. If you don't like or want to wear a hat, these are great for keeping your ears warm while 
  2. enjoying music wirelessly from your smartphone
Touchscreen Gloves

Why good to have on a trip:
  1. Don't have to take your gloves to use smartphone
  2. Yarn woven into these gloves mimics the energy and accuracy of human touch
  3. Keep your hands and fingers warm
  4. protects screens from smudges as the gloves will not leave oil residue as fingers do
The 7-In-1 Emergency Auto Tool 

Swiss+Tech ST82560 BodyGard 7-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool

Why good to have on a trip:
  1. Its great to have a multi-tool in the car for various occasions
  2. Get many things done with just one gadget
  3. Be ready for most common emergencies

Pocket Warmers

Why good to have on a trip:
  1. instant warmth
  2. keep your hands warm in the winter
  3. provides body warmth also
  4. great if forget gloves, or if they are just not enough
  5. long lasting

Ice Scraper

Why good to have on a trip:
  1. Clean off ice and snow from the windshield
  2. An electric one would also warm up and start melting the ice off of the car
  3. Easier and more effective then doing with your hands

Smart Phone-Charging Jacket (on kickstarter)

Why good to have on a trip:
  1. Water Resistant
  2. Packable and ultra thin
  3. Will charge your phone upto 6 times

Sound-off: What do you think? Let us know below

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Aug 28, 2013

Cool Travel Gadgets That can Stand the Test of Time

Cool Travel Gadgets for your phone and more:

New phones seem to hit the market every few months. And that is just for one manufacturers. Combining all makes and models, a new phone comes out in about every few weeks. It is hard to keep up with the newest versions of the smartphones, though it is even harder to make sure that the accessory you just got for your phone would still be valid after some time.

These gadgets and accessories would stand the test of time (at least for a little longer):

What accessories do you have that you think would be soon obsolete?

Bluetooth wireless speakers
- every new smartie phone comes with Bluetooth standard. It is how they easily connect to your headset, car audio, and speakers. This means that the new phones coming out in the next few months would be able to connect to these cool portable speakers

Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker

Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Digital Camera
While smartphones have been imposing on the camera market for awhile, they are still no match for a good DSLR or a great waterproof camera like the ones below

Panasonic Lumix Waterproof

Nikon COOLPIX Waterproof

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Nikon D3100 DSLR

Tablet, by no other name than iPad
Based on some recent (unscientific) tests by CNET "The five toughest gadgets you can buy," iPad can withstand quite a bit and still keep on going, making a great travel gadget that would last. Not only that, there are more and more apps being developed for it that work on several versions as well as software updates that make it relevant and improve performance. Also there have not been significant alterations to this line from Apple for quite awhile. I have my iPad 2 and I would not be able to tell nor have had any desire to upgrade to iPad 3.

Cocoon GRID-IT Organizer
- No matter what the gadgets are or the accessories that they come with, when you travel you need to get them organized. This device keeps your gadgets, wires, thumb drives, earphones and more in one place.

Travel Phone Chargers
Most chargers have a USB plug in on their body. And since every phone these days comes with a charging cord that has a USB male unit at one of its ends, the chargers would last past your multiple gadget changes.
Mophie powerstation mini - charge virtually any smartphone, along with a variety of other USB devices.

Mophie's Juicepack is compatible with the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Phones, and even the HTC One

iGo Power Trip 4700
compatible with most electronic devices by Apple, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Amazon, Google, Nokia, GoPro, and more. Recharge iGO Portable Battery 4700 using the included USB to Micro USB cable.

Sound-off: What do you think? Let us know below

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