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Feb 18, 2014

Review - (my new) Touchscreen Gloves Touchscreen Gloves

I first wrote about these gloves in the post Best Winter Gadgets to Keep Warm and Entertain. As soon as I discovered and checked them out, I ended up buying the Touchscreen Gloves. I rarely make a quick, 'on a whim', purchase decisions. But for this one I was glad I did as soon as I received them.
When I put them on, they felt very plush soft inside. They are quite light and do not feel like regular warm gloves that are on heavier side. And these gloves are warm. I usually have to look for gloves that keep my hands warm for quite some time, and these held up through the very cold weather we have been having. I even ended up cleaning my car from snow in them one of the times and, while they got quite wet, my hands stayed warm.

The gloves are also very flexible. Since they feel light, it is very easy to move your fingers naturally in them. My leather gloves with lining are tough to bend as most gloves that are thicker and warm.
In addition to all of that, gloves are also touchscreen friendly. Which means you do not need to take them off to use your smartphone. They have a fabric built-in that allows you to use your entire hand with your phone. Though as I found out, if you have a plastic screen protector on your phone, the gloves work, but not as well, it takes some more effort to swipe.
Other touchscreen gloves have different colored tips or other things on fingers to make them compatible. These gloves are solid black color (or other color you prefer). There's also no writing to show that these gloves are for smartphones, and no metal pads, cut-off fingers, or visible threading. Just a pair of great fabric gloves. Touchscreen Gloves

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Jan 8, 2014

Best Winter Gadgets to Keep Warm When Traveling

Best Winter Gadgets to Keep Warm and Entertain

Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie

bluetooth beanie
Wireless Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie

Why good to have on a trip:
  1. as name implies, keeps your hands free while
  2. enjoying some tunes while out and about in chilly weather
  3. no wireless to mess around with, syncs wirelessly with your smartphone/media plan
  4. keep you warm
Wireless Speaker Ear Warmers
180s Mens & Womens Bluetooth Ear Warmer

Why good to have on a trip:
  1. If you don't like or want to wear a hat, these are great for keeping your ears warm while 
  2. enjoying music wirelessly from your smartphone
Touchscreen Gloves

Why good to have on a trip:
  1. Don't have to take your gloves to use smartphone
  2. Yarn woven into these gloves mimics the energy and accuracy of human touch
  3. Keep your hands and fingers warm
  4. protects screens from smudges as the gloves will not leave oil residue as fingers do
The 7-In-1 Emergency Auto Tool 

Swiss+Tech ST82560 BodyGard 7-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool

Why good to have on a trip:
  1. Its great to have a multi-tool in the car for various occasions
  2. Get many things done with just one gadget
  3. Be ready for most common emergencies

Pocket Warmers

Why good to have on a trip:
  1. instant warmth
  2. keep your hands warm in the winter
  3. provides body warmth also
  4. great if forget gloves, or if they are just not enough
  5. long lasting

Ice Scraper

Why good to have on a trip:
  1. Clean off ice and snow from the windshield
  2. An electric one would also warm up and start melting the ice off of the car
  3. Easier and more effective then doing with your hands

Smart Phone-Charging Jacket (on kickstarter)

Why good to have on a trip:
  1. Water Resistant
  2. Packable and ultra thin
  3. Will charge your phone upto 6 times

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Jan 30, 2013

5 Essential Winter Travel Gadgets

5  Essential Winter Travel Gadgets

Grip Track

It does not happen often, but when it does, it is bad. Snowstorms in NYC are a pain for drivers. Not only is your car gets snowed in, but you will also be piled on by the snowplows if you are parked on the street. And since the actual snowfall does not last long, you would have to deal with the frozen ice that will be left on the ground. I had to deal with this a few time since I got my car. Most of the time had to dig down to the asphalt to get some grip under the tires. And on our recent trip up north, I had some issues getting up a hill after a snow storm (more here: Travel Essentials of Nearcation). Grip Track, laid under the spinning tires, would give some traction, especially for front-drive cars. This could be helpful in the snow as well as on the icy roads, mud, and loose gravel.

Metal-rimmed snow shovel

Shovel, of course, is very useful to dig out your car if you are caught in a snow storm. During travel, especially during winter and in places known to get snow, you want a compact shovel that is with you throughout the season, packed away in the trunk or another compartment. I have learned it the hard way to keep one around in the car as soon as the temperature dips below 40. Last year I found and purchased a foldable metal shovel, similar to this one: Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel. While most shovels will do the job of digging, they are not all made the same. I had a plastic one previously and it barely lasted a season, and I looked like I was playing in the sand box when trying to dig my car out.

Ice scraper

Cars come equipped with defroster on the front windshield and in the rear. The older models might not have these or working as well. An ice scrapper that heats up on its own would help clear out the snow and ice from the side windows. This gadget plugs into the car's cigarette lighter. Small and convenient in size it can be easily stored in the trunk. My preference, though, is a standard ice scraper. I had a couple of heated ice scarpers, however, neither worked very well. Maybe if I combined the two into one, they might have had enough heat to melt the ice. The human powered scrapper works well with my cars defrosters.

Touchscreen Winter Gloves

Touchscreens on the smartphones are sensitive and react to the energy in our fingers. In the cold winter months, taking your gloves off to work your phone is not much fun in 10 degree weather. Hence the innovation to make gloves function with the smartphones. Yarn woven into these gloves mimics the energy and accuracy of human touch, allowing gloved hands to manipulate touchscreen devices. This cold-weather accessory also protects screens from smudges while using the phone by wiping down the screen with the material. The touchscreen gloves are warm enough to stand up to harsh winter conditions, but are soft and breathable.

Ear Warmers with Headphones
Just because it is cold outside, does not mean you would want to stop listening to your favorite tunes while en route. However, listening to regular earphones would leave your ears vulnerable to freezing temperatures.  Ear warmers with headphones, such as Urban Headphones Ear Warmer, are a great solution. Their behind-the-head design snuggles the back of the head without disheveling hairdos, while delivering high-definition stereo sound on your walk or run.

Ears are warm but your head is cold and you still want to listen to fav tunes?
There is a hat for that -

Sound Disk Sports Beanie
The disks in the cap are positioned on either side, partially behind the ears. They can be adjusted to fit over the ears to drawn out the sound. Though while traveling, placing slightly off, would let listen to music and be aware of your surroundings at the same time. Beanie's sound disk connection also comes with built-in microphone for use with iPhone®, Android based smartphones, and other mobile devices.

Did You Know?:
Cold can decrease your smartphone's battery life. When the temperature dips below freezing, the lithium-ion batteries can loose some of their charge. However, this is not permanent. Best operating temperature for these type of phones is 32 degrees to 95 degrees F (0 degrees to 35 degrees C). Stepping inside a warm place and restarting your phone should bring the power levels back up.

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