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Sep 14, 2015

Travel Gadgets for the Traveling Sports Fanatic

Travel Gadgets for the Traveling Sports Fanatic

Your smartphone is probably your best resource when it comes to finding things to do. It is also great for finding tickets, stadium layouts, closest bars and restaurants, as well as hotels.

Stadium Seat
Traveling to various stadiums around the country or the globe, you will encounter different type of accommodations. Even if you are shelling out for pricier seats, not all of them might be that comfortable. A portable compact cushioned seat could come very handy

Coleman Stadium Seat

Beverage Holder
And while you are enjoying your cushioned seat you are likely also enjoying a refreshing beverage. Keep these cool and your hands dry with a Beverage Holder that can be decorated with your favorite team.

Duffel Bag
You can always travel with a nice carry-on spinner, but no other form of luggage depicts sports travel like a duffel bag

Under Armour Undeniable Duffel Bag

Luggage Spoter
To make your bag standout from the rest and show your team pride, Luggage Spotter is a great travel accessory for your duffel or any other travel bag.

Visting many sports parks, its not always easy to score great seat close to the action. You can still see the action up close with a great pair of binoculars

To catch the best action shots, the best camera for the traveling sports fanatic is the one that has a great optical zoom, image stabilization, fast shutter speed and relatively small chassis. Below are some of the best cameras with these features:

Covering your head in the heat during a baseball game, showing off your team spirit, or flying over the glass to show respect and appreciation for the hockey hat trick, a great lid is essential

Nike Golf - Swoosh Front Cap

Phone and other chargers
For all the great things you can do with a phone before and during the game, it would not be much of use without some juice

[Most Powerful Portable Charger] RAVPower 16000mAh External Battery Pack Power Bank

Must have apps for sports fans
ESPN Sports Centre (Android, iOS)
Team Stream
CBS Sports (AndroidiOS)
Yahoo Sports (AndroidiOS)

Sound-off: How do you represent your favorite team during travels? Let us know below

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Aug 24, 2015

Multi-Functioning Travel Bags

Multi-Functioning Travel Bags

It is an essential for travel. You can travel without one or wrap your belongings in newspaper. Though you would be able to travel further and with more stuff if you take a travel bag with you. And while a satchel or plain bag or suitcase would do, a bag that is multi-functioning would do a lot more on your next trip.

We love our LowePro Sling Bag. It is a day pack, camera bag, travel bag, and backpack.
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Lowepro Passport Sling DSLR Camera Bag

Olympia Deluxe Fashion Rolling Overnighter

Vera Bradley Grand Traveler in Indigo Pop
Travel tote that fits onto your carry-on, and has 4 compartments to thrown in and manage all of your necessities

Under Armour Undeniable Duffel Bag
Going to the game, traveling, gym, these bag will fit it all

Dakine Prom Laptop Backpack
You can fit your laptop in here and then some, and conveniently carry it on your back

Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage

Cabin Max Bear Childrens Luggage Carry on Trolley Suitcase

Sound-off: What are your favorite travel bags to take along? Let us know below

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