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Apr 9, 2013

Free eBook Giveaway Contest

Just finished reading the book. Very entertaining. It definitely tickles your travel bone. What's more, it has great insights and quotes about travel. Nice description of various countries and experiences that the author had. Get your copy by entering below!

"One Year Lived" is a book about travel experience during one year trip around the world by Adam Shepard. Adam is the writer of highly acclaimed, "Scratch Beginnings." It has been featured in the New York Times, the New York Post, the Atlantic, on the Today Show, CNN, Fox News and more. The book has great descriptions of reasons to start traveling, to get away from the usual. It includes interesting internal conflicts for the author on some of the decision he has made, travel related and not. "One Year Lived" describes various things that most of us like to or would like to do in terms of travel, learning a language, and leaving it all behind to see the world.

For a limited time you can get this eBook for Free. Just follow the simple steps below to enter in the drawing:

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And if you would like to start with Adam's first book, Scratch Beginnings, you can buy/download it now on

Did You Know?:
My favorite quote from the book: "Time in Latin America is different than anywhere else - a suggestion more than the resolute declaration"
For anyone that has ever visited/vacationed down South would know just how true that is :)

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