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May 22, 2013

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets

New Cool Travel Gadgets

Nowadays we rarely hit the road without at least some gadgets in tow. Smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and a slew of other devices have all made travel simpler. And there are many more interesting cool and helpful gadgets getting designed...

Keeping the batteries on all of those gadgets fully charged can be a real challenge, especially when traveling through remote locations. Fortunately, there have been some excellent advances in solar charging, which have made gathering energy from the sun a more viable way to power our devices while on the go

sCharger Solar Charger
Solar technology is the buzz phrase in most recent new gadgets announcements. From Superman movies, and brand new one coming out next month, we know that my favorite alien gets his power and recharges from the Sun. Now your smartphone can do that too. sCharger Solar Charger can charge smartphone, iPod, eReaders, and many other devices.

Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit from Goal Zero

The solar grid that comes as part of the kit, collects the sun's energy to charge Sherpa 50, the inverter that you actually use to charge. It takes about 5 hours for a full charge. Then charge your laptop or smartphone. It takes only 2 hours to charge the computer. It can also be charged from a wall outlet for a faster charge or away from sunlight.

Chargepak NT600C -(6000mAh)

Nectar Mobile Power
Most chargers, even "wireless," need to be plugged into an outlet. Nectar is a “plug-less” charger, getting its power from Power Cartridges, called “pods,” rather than traditional wall outlets. Per company's website, an individual power cartridge can power or recharge travel size gadgets for several weeks. Rather than a traditional lithium ion battery, Nectar uses a proprietary Silicon Power Cell technology

Smart Watch
People don’t wear watches anymore. I did a post some time ago on the topic of wearing a watch and that I dont do that anymore. New Cool Gadget Find of Today: Wrist watches making a comeback?. I also wrote that I might wear a watch that had more function. Well fast forward to today and companies that are at forefront of innovation are developing smart watches  that can do a lot more than just tell time. Or even tell you who is calling. Smart watches are still very much in their nascent stage. But guess what? Wearing a watch might just be making a come back.
Samsung has confirmed that it is working on its own watch. Meanwhile, Apple reportedly has more than 100 people working on a curved-glass iWatch that runs iOS and Google is said to be working on its own high-tech timepiece. With these smarter watches you can:
- Glance at info to save time
- find out which calls are worth picking up (or ignoring), which messages are worth responding to, which tweets are worth re-tweeting and more. No more having to constantly unlock your phone for no good reason.
- track your steps with a pedometer, track calories and also your heart rate
- use the Bluetooth 4.0 standard, which employs low-energy technology specifically designed for smart devices. Which can actually save your phones battery
- with your phone in your pocket, dictate a message or social update to your wrist, see who won last night's game and get the 5-day weather forecast.
- quickly check your inbox without whipping out your 5-inch phablet. A smart watch would let you do that quickly and more discreetly.

Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts
Go swimming without having to worry about:
1. leaving your cell phone, keys and wallet on the beach without supervisions
2. having your phone or wallet get wet and for your battery and dollar bills go for a dip
These shorts are currently in the concept stage and are crowdsourcing funding through Kickstarter here

FitBit Flex Wristband
Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband that tracks your activity and sleep patterns and syncs with a smartphone app to show you how active you are and your overall lifestyle. The band syncs with an Android (Samsung Galaxy S III or Note II) device or iPhone via Bluetooth, latest comes with 4.0 synchronization, and uploads the data to a smartphone app as well as to your online profile. FitBit Flex can measure how many steps you have taken, calories burned and quality and amount of sleep. The band is water-resistant, so it can be worn throughout your travels.

Audio-Technica Debuts $99 SonicSport Headphones
Designed for fitness buffs, the headphones sport an active-fit earphone design that features a flexible pivot ensuring a comfortable in-ear fit. SonicSports will also allow ambient noise to filter through so wearer’s can be aware of the surrounding environment. Instead of an over-head headband, the SonicSport’s band wraps around the back of the wearer’s head for a more secure, comfortable fit. There’s also a cord-mounted remote with controls for volume and music playback functions.

Pocket-Friendly Canon PowerShot N
Small point-and-shoot, measuring 3.1 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches, camera that can upload photos and videos to the Web or a social network with the press of a button. PowerShot N has built-in Wi-Fi. On its back is a 2.8-inch LCD that tilts up 90 degrees, and the front has a wide angle lens with an 8X optical zoom. Which is pretty good for a camera of that size. The higher the optical zoom the better photos would look if zoomed in on. Read more about optical zoom here Buying a Digital Camera for Travel.

GPS Reinvented
In one of my recent posts I mentioned that the maps on our smartphones, while good to have, are quite limited. And while GPS was thought to be going out of style, are actually still an essential travel gadget. Garmin proves this even more with its newest GPS, Garmin nĂ¼vi 52LM GPS Travel Assistant.
It does all of the basics that GPS these days offer. Plus this new device has a
Garmin Real Directions guide that displays easy-to-see landmarks, buildings and traffic lights, rather than street names. Similar to the type of directions a person would give you. It also has Active Lane Guidance with voice prompts to keep you from swerving, a live-action model with brightly colored arrows that indicate the proper lane needed for your next turn, and photoReal and Bird’s Eye Junction Views to navigate confidently through interchanges. All new Garmins come with Lifetime Free Map update.

The World’s Best Underwater Headphones?

Did You Know?:
Technology and fashion collide at Textiles Nanotechnology Laboratory. Researchers are working on creating clothing made with conductive cotton that can charge an iPhone via solar panels.

5 Crazy Ways We’re Going To Be Communicating In The Future

What do you think? Let us know below

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Jan 23, 2013

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets

Charge It Up

Virtual Charging
Charging pads are making a come back after a rough start with upgrade in technology. They are easier to use and are now much more efficient. The charging pads utilize inductive charging, which requires a charger and your gadget to be touching to get the juice across. Though if Apple has a say in it, these will be outdated soon enough. It recently applied for wireless-charging patent, technology that would even remove the one wire left over that powers up the charging pads.

Cool and Green

Collapsible solar light

This light is powered by the power of the sun. One full charge can last for 6-12 hours depending on usage.
Makes it a great gadget to have around during emergencies and power outages.
Also since it has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and weighs only 3.8 ounces making great on trips as well.
As yo can see from the picture, the light collapses to a flat compact and easily transportable packet.
It is durable, waterproof, and reliable in extreme weather conditions. The 10 LED lights inside can brighten a space of up to 15 square feet, producing six to 12 hours of light after being charged in direct or indirect sunlight for four to six hours.

Fit Everything

Fitbug Orb
The Orb looks like a watch, though instead of the clock face there is button-shaped step tracker. It can function as both as a clip on to carry around or as a wristband. Orb tracks activity and sleep, including steps taken, calories burned, distance covered, walking pace, and sleep efficiency. You can also log food eaten and track your progress on the website

Fitbit Flex:

The newest version Fitbit for 2013 is the Bluetooth wristbands. It monitors your activity throughout the day. And as a bracelet, it is more likely to stick around with you since you dont have to remember to clip it on as you go about your tasks. Fitbit Flex syncs to Android phones as well as iPhones and iPads through Bluetooth and website. The sensors send data to your devices, giving you a readout of distance traveled, calories burned, number of active minutes and hours slept. It can also provide information on quality of sleep.
Flex also has a built-in wake alarm and is water resistant, great feature for the road.

Basis fitness watch:

This fitness tracker looks a lot more like a watch. It has a rubber wristband and clock face that displays  readouts for your heart rate, activity, sleep and your goals. Like the other fitness trackers, Basis also has a site with dashboard for tracking all the activity and sleep patterns. Though, unlike other devices on the market, Basis does all this for you automatically without having to change the modes.

New Audio Tech

Audio-Technica SonicSport Headphones
SonicSport in-ear series of headphones are designed for fitness and workouts. They have a headband cord that wraps around the back of the head to keep it in place and fit comfortably. The new active-fit earphone design has a flexible pivot that provides comfortable in-ear positioning, and directs the sound toward the ear canal for maximum bass impact. The SonicSport headphone have angled housing that moves the cords behind your neck and out of your way. The design also allows awareness of outside sounds. Making it great for biking and hiking.

Sony Wireless Speakers
These newest egg shaped speakers by Sony have 360 Circle Sound technology. Which means that they distribute sound all around them and not just front and/or back as might other jukeboxes. These speakers measure 2.7 inches in height and only 2.5 inches in width. Making them quite compact and light (4.6oz) for travel. They also have pretty good battery life, which is rated at about 4 hours. Wireless speakers connect to any device, that has it, via Bluetooth.

JBL Charge
This "little" audio powerhouse packs some juice. JBL Charge speaker comes with a high-capacity, 6000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery that can provide more than 12 hours of playback time on a single charge. And it has amplifier power of 2 x 5-watts, which provide full-range sound. Not only does it sound good and lasts long, this gadget can also charge up your other mobile devices. It has a built-in battery and USB port to connect your gadget. Similar to Sony speakers, the Charge connects to any device via Bluetooth. It will be available in April of this year.

What are some of the newest gadgets you can't wait to get your hands on? Let us know below

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Jan 15, 2013

My New Year Travel Gadgets Resolutions

My New Year Travel Gadgets Resolutions

I have an update to my resolutions. During our New Year's celebration me and my wife exchanged gifts. My wife surprised me with iOttie Windshield Dashboard Car Mount Holder. It is awesome and it crossed off my first resolution. I have tried it out on one short trip and it worked great. It gripped the dashboard strongly and it was easy to put the phone in it with one-touch. The phone can be viewed in vertical or horizontal positions and it stays firm in both. The stand gives easy access to the phone while in the mount and easy way to remove it quickly from it.

1. Get phone holder for the car. 
Lately I have found myself using my phone for navigation more and more. It is more convenient as it is always with me so I do not have to think if I packed a GPS with me. Also it is easy to look up an address and then map it right after, while on the GPS it was very hard to find an address and took awhile to enter one from scratch. I think another big reason for me to use my phone, is that my Garmin has become outdated. I have had it for around 5 years now. And while I have updated the maps several times, it has become slow, or at least seems slow compared to today's speeds. Currently, I have the phone on the dashboard, which is not optimal location. So it might be time to make a switch fully and get a windshield dashboard car mount phone holder.
What do you think? Should I make the switch over to phone or stick with GPS?

2. FitBit
I have been looking to be more fit for awhile. I have certain goals in mind. Though lately those seem quite far fetched and might need to be adjusted. I am not new to the gym, but I also have not been a regular due to renovations, working long hours, and many other excuses. I have used a site, that is food and exercise log that helped me understand the contents of some of the foods I have been eating. Which helped me to establish a better daily diet.
This is all good and well, but I have not been able to make more progress lately. Especially after I took a hiatus from playing ice hockey. So I have been thinking of getting the Fitbit One Wireless to help me better track my activity during the day as well as sleep. Which, as I have learned, is very important in controlling weight, mood, and overall well being after 30. And hopefully by tracking all this, to get me thinking more about fitness since it is easy to take along anywhere you travel.
Have you tried FitBit? Or maybe something similar. Did it work? Did you find it helpful?

3. Foldable bike
When we moved into our new place, I had to sell my mountain bike. It was large, heavy, and did not fit well anywhere. It was a great bike and I had it for quite a few years. I still want to have a bike and the compromise is a foldable bike. While looking for one, I discovered there are actually full size foldable mountain bikes. I am considering purchasing this one - Shimano Folding Mountain Bike. It's a full size mountain bike that can easily be stored even in the trunk of my sedan. Makes it great to transport for a quick ride around the borough or an overnight biking trip with the guys.
Too good to be true or a good ride option?

4. Rechargeable Power Pack - reserve power for all our portable electronic devices. This can even keep a laptop going if you get caught short without a power supply. With the latest storms and more coming we need one. And it also would be great for traveling when you are stranded because of the storm that passed days before and with the roads closed as we experienced last year. Here is the post regarding our little detour adventure: Two sides to every gadget. The power pack, such as Trent iCarrier 12000mAh Recharable Pack, would have been great to provide power to our GPS and other gadgets while we were looking for a way out.

5. Travel to warm places have not been to before (with gadgets:)
We love our trips around the country where we get to sight see, experience different regions and B&Bs around us, as well as sample many varieties of wine. Though once a year we like to get away from it all and go south to an all-inclusive resort. Where you do not need to carry anything around except for a room key. We have visited our favorite destination, Dominican Republic, several times. A default when we can't find anything else that is available and at good price. Next year we will be trying a new place, be it Jamaica or a destination in South America.

What are your travel or gadget resolutions for the new year? Let us know below

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