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Aug 16, 2013

5 Things To Know in Travel and Gadgets

5 Interesting Innovations in Travel and Gadgets:

Microsoft Working On Smartwatch Made Out Of 'Translucent Aluminum'

Driverless cars to be tested on UK roads by end of 2013

"Hyperloop" that will transport people from one destination to another through tubes in hours where it takes days of travel currently

Keep your Gadgets and Luggage safe:
GoCodes Lost and Found Smart QR Code Key Rings and Tags secure to your device or belongings making them traceable wherever they are. Hopefully it will be with you, but on the off chance it goes wondering, there would be no more worries of lost or misplaced gadgets. GoCode stickers and tags come with QR codes that can be read with smartphones and easily determine the rightful owner.

The five toughest gadgets you can buy

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