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Oct 16, 2013

10 Travel Gadgets Hacks

10 Travel Gadgets Hacks

1. Hack a Shower Cap to Pack Your Shoes: Keep your clothes clean in your luggage by wrapping your shoes inside shower caps. These are available in a few hotels for free or can be purchased cheaply in bulk Shower Caps Clear (30 count)

2. Hack a Flat Iron to De-Wrinkle Your Clothes: Before you walk out the door give your cuffs and collars a touch up with your straightening iron for a crisp look. No need to drag around an iron or hoping there is one in the room. You get 2 uses for the price of one gadget.
3. Power strip. Split up one socket into multiple with ease with this travel gadget. This way you will have space to plug in more than one gadget at a time at locations and rooms that do not have many plugs. This is also helpful in crowded areas where there only a couple of plugs for many more people. By plugging in one of these power strips, you can share the charge with others, even if they were there first.

4. Dryer sheets. Pop these into your suitcase, your overnight bag, or any other luggage, to keep your clothes smelling good throughout the trip

5. Hack a Bowl to Blast Your Music
Playing music out loud on your smartphone usually does not result in very powerful sound.
To help amplify the sound, simply place the speaker end of the phone in a bowl and press play.

6. Hack a Staple Remover to Add a Key: Save your fingers and nails from getting pinched or pocked trying to get a new key on a key chain by using a staple remover to pry open your key ring.

7. Doorstop as Security Device
Little rubber doorstops are there so you can prop open the door to your room if need be. Additionally, they can be quite effective at keeping doors shut. So if you want an added level of security when you turn in for the night, wedge the doorstop under the door, and you just added an additional lock.

8. Socks as Scratch Protectors
You bring a bunch of pairs on your trip. Give them new purpose by keeping a pair on hand to protect items from getting chipped or scratched in transit. This would provide extra protection to your devices, jewelry, and souvenirs. They are great for padding inside your luggage as well.

9. Baggage Tag as Lint Remover
Didn't bring a lint roller? No problem, you're still likely traveling with an item that can do double duty and help you get the lint and such off of your garments. Just carefully remove the long baggage-tracking sticker from your suitcase handle that was placed on their at the airport. It is a good idea to take these off anyhow to make sure your luggage gets to the correct destination on the way back. Then wrap it around a brush, remote control or similar with the sticky side facing out, and blot at any area of clothing that needs cleaning. Voila!. Your cloth are looking great and fuzz free.

10. Conditioner as Shaving Cream
Man or woman, you're likely going to need to shave at some point on any trip, so finding yourself without shaving cream can be problematic. However, this little items is one of the most forgotten toiletry during travel. I know I have left it behind on more than one occasion.Worse, most hotels don't offer shaving cream in their collection of complimentary items. But hair conditioner, which comes standard with nearly all hotel rooms, makes a perfectly acceptable substitute. And it has the added benefit of being moisturizing, so you can be smooth and supple in one easy step.

One more great hack:
Amazon prime
If you forget to pack something small yet important on a prolonged trip, it's often relatively cheap to have it shipped priority one-day through Amazon Prime to your hotel. And while at your hotel waiting for it, you can enjoy movies and shows using the service as well.

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