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Mar 5, 2018

Travel and Gadgets March Madness

Travel and Gadgets March Madness

This month top college basketball teams will compete for the national championship. Actually, the reason the tournament is called March Madness is for all the travels that the teams have to do across the nation in the road to the championship. In light of this, we have put together the top travel gadgets so far this year.

Mar 7, 2016

March Madness Travel and Gadgets

March Madness Travel and Gadgets

Every year best of the best in college basketball go mad with traveling around the country in the NCAA College Basketball Tournament. That is actually part of the reason it is called March Madness, since it portrays the frenetic nature of the NCAA tournament.
This year the Championship Game will be played at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Average temperature in April in Houston is 79° high and 60° low. So pack accordingly for the big game.

Bring shades along since it is hot and sunny most of the time

Travel Umbrella
While it is hot in Houston, it also rains quite a bit. The conditions are those of a rainforest without the designation but with lots of humidity

Travel Bluetooth Speaker
for better quality tunes in your room while pregaming. Trust me, your iPhone volume maxed out ain’t that great.

To catch action shots, the best camera for the traveling sports fan is the one that has a great optical zoom, image stabilization, fast shutter speed and relatively small body. Below are some of the best cameras with these features:

Phone and other chargers
All the gadgets that you will be bringing along to enjoy pre-game and the games need to be charged. This power bank has enough juice to charge your phone and tablet

Travel Power Strip
Belkin Travel Surge Protector came in very handy at the airport and hotel room. We were able to charge multiple gadgets via one and only accessible outlet in the room
(Family Trip to DR - What To PackOne Little Thing Just Can’t Travel Without)

Duffel Bag
A nice carry-on spinner bag is a great option since it is easy to move around the airport.  Though a duffel bag is a sportier option when you don't have too many things or want to look like a baller.

Luggage Spoter
To make your bag standout from the rest and show your team pride, Luggage Spotter is a great travel accessory for your duffel or any other travel bag.

Kindle and MP3 player for the plane

Traveling To Houston Tips:

VisitHouston Travel Tools and Info

Hydrate! A Lot! Water is essential to replenish after salty snacks, screaming and/or alcohol.

Hit the nearest CVS, Walgreens or such to purchase water for less, plus pick up some energy drinks, snacks, and a few beers

As the sun is almost always shining this will be an essential travel item. While you don't spend a lot of time outdoors, it still important to have protection from the sun when you are outside.

Traveling in March, you also should pack an umbrella, see above

Pack a swimsuit. Even if you're not planning to visit the ocean, many Texas hotels have swimming pools.

Houston Travel Tips

Sound-off: Will you be filling out the brackets and/or traveling to the games? Let us know below

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