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Apr 3, 2013

Travel Gadgets Designed to Prevent Theft

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Several countries have recently updated travel alerts for Egypt and Kenya. Current Travel Alerts. Even if the country does not have a warning there still might be plenty of risks associated with traveling there. One such risk, that exists in quite a few South American and Middle Eastern regions, is pick-pocketing and stealing of identity. Prevent identity theft at home and abroad.
To keep your valuables, as well as yourself, safe these travel gadgets and accessories can come in handy:

Metal wallet and RFID blockers
These wallets have the ability to prevent credit card fraud by blocking non-deliberate communication by RFID enabled smart card sand passports. RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification. They started out on manufactured good and are now found on passports, some credit cards, and ID cards. Data stored on RFID tags can be changed, updated and locked. How RFID Works. It can also be scanned and stolen by thieves without you even knowing.

Anti-theft Travel Bags

Hidden pockets - pants, underwear, belts

Gadget protectors - deceptive covers for tablets, laptop, phone
Protecting your gadgets can also protect you. While a cover for iPad might keep the tablet safe and looking great, one that looks like a book might keep wondering eyes away. It's no guarantee, but in a sea of gadgets the one that is an easy catch becomes an easy catch.

Pacsafe Luggage Travelsafe is a portable safe. It can hold a laptop plus other gadgets you would like to keep safe. Travelers have recommend this product for peace of mind while out and about. This pack is made out of water resistant canvas with high-tensile stainless steel wire

ZOMM Wireless Leash tethers to your phone wirelessly and will alert you if you and it ever separate by more than 30 feet. Another safety feature is the simple one-button press and hold system to get you in touch with 911.
- 3-in-one device: Wireless Leash, Bluetooth Speakerphone, and Personal Safety Device
- Keeps your phone and your keys on a leash
- speakerphone with a noise-canceling microphone

Travel Gear Undercover Money Belts:
Keep your valuables with you and out of sight. These belts are flat, comfortable, easily hideable, and designed with travelers in mind. They fit your credit cards, cell phone, keys, passports, wallet, and more. These travel accessories let you transport your valuables inconspicuously.

Did You Know?:
Dress like the locals - while it will not totally disguise you as one of the inhabitants, you will stand out less and therefore become less of a target.

What do you bring with you on a trip to keep things with you? Let us know below

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